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Research On A Company Team Building Improvement

Posted on:2020-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330575476256Subject:Business Administration
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With the continuous growth of global software outsourcing industry,China and other developing countries have gradually become the main contractors of software outsourcing for multinational corporations.However,China's offshore software outsourcing market has many shortcomings compared with India and other outsourcing powers.The software outsourcing industry in China not only strives to improve the professional technology of software service outsourcing,but also strives to strengthen the team building of service outsourcing and improve the level of project management.As a typical software service outsourcing enterprise in China,Company A has been using the traditional IT management system and team building methods to manage the team building of foreign-owned enterprises,and has joined the enterprise team building ideas that are in line with the characteristics of domestic software enterprises in accordance with China's national conditions.However,combined with the team development of A company in recent years,we can find that there are still some problems in team building.Based on the theory of team building and the actual situation of A company,this paper investigates and studies the team building of A company by means of questionnaire and interview,and collects first-hand information on the current situation and problems of team building of A company.Through statistical analysis of the survey results,combined with the interview results and the author's years of team management experience in Company A,this paper summarizes the outstanding problems in performance appraisal,team motivation,team communication,and employee career development of the team building in Company A,and explores the causes of these problems.Finally,according to motivation theory,communication theory,leadership theory and performance appraisal theory,this paper puts forward some suggestions to improve the outstanding problems and causes of team building in A company,aiming at improving the level of team building and team management in A company,and enhancing the team fighting ability and enterprise competitiveness of A company.With the rapid development of software outsourcing market,there are more and more domestic software outsourcing enterprises.The team building and management mode of these enterprises is very similar to that of Company A.Therefore,the optimization countermeasures and improvement suggestions proposed in this paper can not only improve the team building level of Company A,but also have certain reference significance for other similar enterprises in this field.
Keywords/Search Tags:Team Building, Performance Assessment, Team Motivation, Team Communication, Software Outsourcing
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