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Research On Business Model Innovation Of X Company Mobile Phone Game

Posted on:2015-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This article is under the environment of explosive mobile game market development in China, with the perspective of a mobile phone game practitioners, through scientific analysis method and the real data, to the present situation of the mobile game business model research and innovation.First of all, the paper starting from the rapid growth of China mobile Internet. In2013, the Chinese mobile phone users reached1.1billion, China mobile game market size reached11.24billion yuan, up246.9%from a year earlier.In2013, China’s mobile Internet user growth of500million people, among them, the use of mobile phone games, increased to43.1%from33.2%in2012. Global mobile game market to27.3%average annual growth rate in2016reached$23.9billion. In all these figures with a new, vigorous development of the industry, has unlimited potential. However, just because of this industry in China has just started, so many unknown needs us to explore. Mobile game business model research has great value and significance.Second, this study from the Angle of literature and scholars at home and abroad mobile phone games, business model, business model innovation concept integration. We use PEST,SWOT theory model, and business model innovation factors, the mobile gaming industry development present situation and the existing four types of contrast analysis of the existing business model:all free, download fees, monthly payment mode and in-game purchase mode. The conclusion of existing business model analysis as the foundation, innovation business model research.Finally, according to the6wlh analysis method and the Business Model Generation9elements of Business Model innovation in the theory of production factors to sort and integration of X company. From macroscopic aspects such as political, economic, social and micro data, habits, such as individual game analysis, evolution and innovation in the end three mobile game business model, respectively, implantable advertising business model for mobile games, mobile games professional custom business model and a mobile phone game directional flow into a business model. Combination of X company mobile games industry chain analysis, build the company X mobile game business model innovation connotation, manner and method, and finally it is concluded that promote company X mobile game industry business model innovation countermeasures and Suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:The mobile Internet, Mobile games, Business model, Innovation
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