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Research On Micro-innovation Business Model Of China Mobile Internet Gaming Industry From The Perspective Of OFDI

Posted on:2019-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330548455384Subject:International business
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Since 2016,mobile internet games have become the mainstream of the global game market.In 2017,the global game market revenue reached 108.9 billion U.S.dollars,and in the global game market share,the entire Asia-Pacific region has occupied half of the country,while China has a large number of users,mature market players,and a more complete market.Rules,with more than 25%market share.Due to the relatively late start of China's mobile Internet gaming industry,the academic community has studied less on its business model and foreign direct investment,and has not proposed an operational business model for China Mobile's Internet gaming industry.Based on the OFDI perspective,this article summarizes the micro-innovation business model of China's mobile Internet gaming industry,which has certain theoretical and practical significance.Tencent is the largest mobile internet game company in China.It began direct foreign investment in 2005 and has so far invested in 35 overseas gaming companies.In 2017,Tencent took up 37.8%of the market share of China Mobile's Internet gaming market.Its acquisition of Supercell,a mobile internet game developer in Finland,has become a classic example of the "going out" of Chinese game companies.Therefore,taking Tencent as a typical case,it analyzes the micro-innovation business model in the process of foreign direct investment in China's mobile Internet game industry,and has a certain representation.This article uses the exploratory single-case study method,taking Tencent as an example to analyze the micro-innovation business model from the perspective of OFDI in China's mobile Internet gaming industry,and puts forward the "micro-innovation business model" with product technology micro innovation and products.Micro-innovation design,cross-border integration of product features,rapid response to market demand and user needs and other features.It further analyzes the three phases that the micro-innovation business model has undergone in the OFDI process of the enterprise.The purpose is to propose operational suggestions for the construction of the business model of China Mobile Internet game companies in the OFDI process.?...
Keywords/Search Tags:Foreign Direct Investment, Mobile Internet Games, Micro-innovative business model
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