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The Knowledge Sharing Degree Evolution Index System Design For Small And Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprise And Its Empirical Research

Posted on:2016-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330452466266Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The life cycle of product become shorter and the market become more andmore competitive by the development of economic globalization and modernscientific and technological. The enterprises as the main body of the most active onein the market should enhance their response ability, meet the need of the changingmarket and enhance their innovation ability. Knowledge sharing as the important partof knowledge management is the effective means for motivating enterprise internalknowledge innovation and promoting the knowledge competitiveness. Thetechnology-based enterprises, especially small and mid-sized enterprises withdevelopment limitations, perform the strongest demand for knowledge. They need tohave a correct evaluation on the status of knowledge sharing and knowledge sharingdeficiency, adopting targeted solutions, strengthening the knowledge sharingcontinuously and increasing individual and organizational knowledge reserves. Thisarticle will focus on this evaluation research, to explore the evaluation index systemof technology-based enterprise knowledge sharing, put forward suggestions forimprovement through empirical study, and this will be with strong theoretical andpractical significance.From the present situation, there are less study on the evaluation oftechnology-based enterprise knowledge sharing, the knowledge sharing researchfocused on the status quo and influencing factors, and the studies have shown that thelower level of knowledge sharing in our country enterprise and there are lack ofsuccessful knowledge sharing practices in fact. First of all, this paper will dotheoretical research by the literature analysis in the first two chapters, analyzing theeffective of knowledge sharing on enterprise, team and individual. This papercompared knowledge sharing to an ecological system and built the perfecttechnology-based enterprise knowledge sharing path and sharing system. The thirdpart of the article construct the evaluation index system of the small and mid-sizedtechnology-based enterprise knowledge sharing degree through the literature analysis and survey data analysis. The fourth chapter and the fifth chapter put forward theevaluation method in this paper and obtained synthesis weights by the entropymethod and AHP method and carry on empirical research. At the end of the paper,suggestions and countermeasures was put forward to promote knowledge sharingdegree correspondingly.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technology-based Enterprises, Knowledge Sharing, AHP Method, Entropy Method, Indistinct Integration Evaluation Method
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