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Extension Of High-Efficient Agricultural Water Saving Technology In Wuwei City, Gansu, China

Posted on:2016-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S C ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330461971193Subject:Rural and regional development
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This study through the method of investigation and theoretical analysis of forecast,based on the analysis of question in efficient water saving irrigation technology popularization about the grassland agricultural, the demonstration of the main ways to promote efficient water saving technology, and formulate the corresponding solution measures.The total water resource is short in Wuwei, the most prominent contradictions with water, and the most serious ecological environmental problems. Although through the implementation of the shiyang river basin, the key control planning, water saving improvement in irrigation district, shut-in pressure field, industrial restructuring and the reform of water right and water price of engineering and non-engineering measures, the trend of ecological environment deterioration is contained effectively, but with the rapid development of economic society, urbanization process is accelerated, water consumption increases in the second and the third industry year by year, the total water resource is still inadequate in Wuwei, the water shortage is still severe. The water resources structure is unreasonable, the proportion of agricultural water is too much, and water resource utilization efficiency is low, which is the main problem in utilization of water resources. Solving the water shortage problems in Wuwei, the agriculture is key, in condition of the agricultural structure adjustment and agricultural technology improvement, only promoting efficient water-saving irrigation technology, improving agricultural water use efficiency and benefit, reducing agricultural water consumption, which can realize the sustainable development of water resources in Wuwei.This study through the water resources conditions in future is forecasted scientifically in the whole city, according to the social and economic development planning in the city and national, provincial, municipal water engineering construction planning, industry water demand are forecasted reasonably. According to the water resources supply and demand analysis and industrial structure adjustment in Wuwei and the balance of development in agricultural water configuration in Wuwei, the necessity and urgency of promoting efficient water-saving irrigation technology are demonstrated. By investigating the city’s high efficiency water saving project design. implementation and operation, from the land management mode, technical services, economic benefit and so on, we analyses the problems and restriction factor existing in the high efficient water-saving irrigation technology promotion. Come to the conclusion that only through land intensive management, reform the water rights and water price and strengthen water-saving management, technical training and propaganda education and so on, implement total amount control and quota management, we can effectively promote agricultural efficient water saving irrigation technology, further optimized configuration of water resources, water use efficiency gradually improved, finally realize the sustainable utilization of water resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:Water resources demand, water demand forecasting, grassland agriculture, efficint water-saving, land circulation, the reformation of water rights and water price
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