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Tap Water Price Adjustment Problems Research

Posted on:2017-10-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Out of the city water supply,People's Daily life will be difficult to sustain,at the same time,urban water supply function plays an indispensable role in the city.It is also an important part of urban function.Due to its features of resource scarcity,natural monopoly and public utility,the pricing scheme aimed at the urban water supply in China has been strictly implemented.With the booming development of social economy,the current industry of urban water supply in China can not well satisfy the needs of people's livelihood under the new policies.Hence,further efforts should be made to reform the industry and solve relevant problems.In recent years,the utility of urban water supply has made the transformation from being quantity-oriented to quality-oriented as well as from being extensive to being intensive.To be more specific,the goal of development has switched to the constant improvement of water quality and safety from the increase in water quantity.It has also changed from satisfying the basic needs for people's livelihood and water safety to optimizing the service for production,supply and sale,which means that the urban water supply has moved on the track of sustainable development.As far as the industry of urban water supply is concerned,the water has the features of community trading and social necessity.It is also closely related to the constraint on water resource and environmental protection.The natural monopoly of the industry has also hindered the introduction of competitive mechanism.With the fast development of the economy and society in Quanzhou,the reform in the price of urban water in the city has also made some achievement.However,it is still faced with some problems,such as the incomplete pricing system and poor management of water price.The fair price should be the key to water saving and will also help to build a water-saving society.Based on the current status of the water-supply industry in Quanzhou,this paper will make a study of the price of tap water in the city.After comparing the current water price in some typical cities both at home and abroad,this paper will also analyze the problems existing in the current water pricing system.Some advice will be proposed accordingly.Based on the progressive pricing system for water use,this paper will estimate the water price in Quanzhou as well as analyze the correlation between urban water price and water saving.The existing policies regarding water price,most of which are aimed at increasing the water price,should combine with the building of a water-saving society.With the progress of the market-oriented reform,some economic theories have been utilized to discuss the issue of water pricing during the sustainable utilization of water resource in Quanzhou.The adjustment to urban water price has concerned the effective utilization and management of water resource.It will also offer some views on the building of a water-saving society.Quanzhou Tap Water Co.,Ltd has been confronted with the shortage of fund and the enormous pressure for daily operation for a long time.It should also require a large input of fund to ensure the safe production and improve the quality of drinking water.Therefore,it has become quite necessary and urgent to make an in-depth research into the pricing of tap water in the city.The tap water has the dual features of being a commodity and public welfare.According to the commodity feature,the pricing of tap water should ensure that the company can recover the cost and reap fair profits.According to the public-welfare feature,the fairness and equality should be taken into consideration.Moreover,the sustainability should be considered during the development and utilization of tap water.Only if the water-supply company can recover the cost and reap fair profits,it will have the ability to repay the debt,expand the production as well as provide the safe and high-quality water.Enterprises in the adjustment of water at the same time,should pay special attention to the demand of low-income and vulnerable groups.At the same time to improve the water supply cost transparency and really implement water price hearings to carry out water price hearing system.
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