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Evaluation Research On Competitiveness Of China’s Listed Security Companies

Posted on:2016-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the vigorous development of capital market in China, how security companies develop in the increasingly fierce competition environment becomes an important issue for industry management and security company operators to focus on. The security industry in China is facing the important stage of industrial upgrading, transforming and business innovation, whose internal mechanism is facing serious problems restricting the development of the industry, such as unreasonable income structure, bad equity condition, severe brokerage homogeneity competition. The external environment is also under the influence of internationalization and mixed management in financial. The competition in securities industry in the future will be increasingly fierce.As the most important part of the capital market, the security companies’ effective improvement of comprehensive strength will be related to the economic development of our country. Ascension of competitiveness requires that the security companies accurately and scientifically measure its own advantages and disadvantages. This paper aims at establishing an objective and comprehensive evaluation system and put forward to effective ways of improving the comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese brokerages. Based on the research results of scholars at home and abroad, aiming at the development characteristics of the securities industry in China, four dimensions of comprehensive competitiveness evaluation system for security companies are built, namely profitability ability, operation scale, growth ability and risk control ability. Factor analysis method is used for evaluating the business position and competitiveness of listed security companies in China. Through clustering methodology, security companies can be divided into four types. Analysis and comparison are conducted inside the securities industry and improvement direction is put forward aiming at different types of security companies. Comprehensive evaluation of China’s listed security companies from many aspects is concluded. According to the empirical results and development status of the securities industry in our country, suggestions of internal and external mechanisms for effectively improving the level of China’s security companies’competitiveness are put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Listed securities companies, Competiveness, Evaluation index system
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