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Impact Analysis Of Cloud Computing To Small And Medium Production Enterprises Outsourcing Strategies

Posted on:2015-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of information technology and the big progress of Internet, The cloud computing technology arises at the historic moment. SMEs could save up energies to put into the core business because of successful IT outsourcing implementation. This research takes A company as an example to discuss IT outsourcing strategies under cloud computing.According to the different depth and breadth of IT outsourcing, IT outsourcing ISP divides it into four levels. IT outsourcing development for SMEs in China is compare late as a whole; in addition, the development degree of SMEs in China is different. There are great differences at the level of management. 72% SMEs is at the first level, 23% is at the second level, 5% of them is at the third level. There are no companies at the fourth level. IT outsourcing development for SMEs in China is compare late, at present; there are many problems in the traditional IT infrastructure. IT can not cope with business development. Cloud computing will be an important method and approach for Chinese IT information construction. This research analyzes the effects of cloud computing to SMEs informatization. This research provides the effects of cloud computing to SMEs informatization are: cost saving, improve the quality of IT services, improve the predictability of risk, and focus on the core business activities. This research analyzes IT outsourcing strategies of A company under cloud computing. The five deep-seated needs and driving factors of A company’s IT outsourcing are: buy services rather than buy assets, competitive cost accounting, improve IT costs using rationality, enhance the use efficiency of enterprise funds, reduce business costs, simply the supplier and partner management procedure. This research formulates the implementation plans of A company’s IBM cloud computing IT outsourcing. At last, this research analyzes the results of IBM cloud computing IT outsourcing. IBM cloud computing IT outsourcing gets IT management improvement of A company, not only shows at reduce operating costs, but also shows at more flexible and convenience IT resources using in A company. IBM cloud computing IT outsourcing reduces risks of the company, improves the communication between business departments and IT department. IBM cloud computing IT outsourcing provides qualitative and quantitative analysis and coping strategies at contract level, operation level and system level for the risk of cloud computing IT outsourcing. The economic benefits brought by IBM cloud computing IT outsourcing are sizable. A company’s cloud computing IT outsourcing implementation is industry leader of our country small and medium-sized enterprise informatization development, has guiding significance to nationwide companies. The success of A company cloud computing IT outsourcing is a successful try in the process of cloud computing technology development, and gives an effective complement and operation practice.
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