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Study On Commercial Bank Employee’ Job Satisfaction Influenced By Career Expectation

Posted on:2016-10-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330476451448Subject:Business management
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In the background of the global economic and financial integration, companies are more competitive and their competitive advantage depends on talented person. In recent years, the commercial banks’ brain drain phenomenon become increasingly common, it has been a "training base" for foreign banks. Brain drain in the final analysis is because the gap between expectations and the reality which leads to lower employee’ job satisfaction., It is necessary to discuss career expectation’ effect on job satisfaction in order to improve the job satisfaction.First of all, By studying the documentation at home and abroad, this paper constructs the theoretical model of this article based on Vroom expectation theory; Next, this paper has designed the survey questionnaire and carried on the research of commercial bank employees in Taiyuan, Yuncheng, Beijing and xi ’an four cities. Then, in order to explore the career expectations’ impact on job satisfaction, the article analyzes the data through descriptive statistics analysis, independent sample test, ANOVA, correlation analysis and regression analysis. Finally, the commercial bank and its employees are put forward some suggestions based on the analysis above and provided reference for commercial banks to increase employee’ job satisfaction. The specific research results are as follows:Firstly, commercial bank’ brain drain is serious, turnover rate reached more than 10%; Secondly, career expectations can be divided into working dimension, environmental dimension, remuneration dimension, personal development dimension and prestige status dimension; Thirdly, different demographic variables and individual self-efficacy variables have a difference on career expectations and job satisfaction. Both scores are high with strong individual self-efficacy, age, marital status, education, working years have significant differences on both sides; Fourthly, career expectations and job satisfaction was significantly correlated and its five dimensions and job satisfaction are positively correlated. So the commercial banks and their employees’ career expectations can be adjusted to improve the employees’ job satisfaction.
Keywords/Search Tags:career expectations, commercial bank, employees’ job satisfaction, expectation theory
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