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A Study About The Influence Of Entrepreneurial Learning Modes From Failure On The Growth Of New Ventures -The Measurement Of Entrepreneurial Learning Contents From Failure And Its Mediating Effect

Posted on:2016-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Today, in the volatile business environment, many small and medium enterprises on the brink of "existence crisis", especially for new ventures. They encounter more failure situations than success, such as budget, staffing, stage plan, quality, cost, efficiency, customers’ satisfaction, service and so on, which did not reach anticipated goals in the process of operation. Entrepreneurship study exists prejudices on success, ignores the learning value of failure situations and severs the relationship between failure and success. Not only that, but the studies on learning behaviors from failure were more focusing on the individual entrepreneurs, in the past studies. The start-ups need to learn from failure more. However, for most enterprises or entrepreneurs to learn from failure was not so easy, if entreprises don’t save the day in the process, it will not be able to make the enterprises continue to grow, and will also bring a deadly threat to themselves.On one hand, against entrepreneurial learning from failure, the first problem needs to be solved is "What to learn from failure" for enterprises and entrepreneurs, namely what are the contents of learning from failure. Although entrepreneurial learning from failure makes up for the bounds of knowledge and technology of enterprises, But the dimensions of entrepreneurial learning contents from failure are not clear, the problem of what to learn from failure is still needed a further exploration. On the other hand, the problem of "How to learn from failure" to make enterprises recover and continue growing is needed. Some studies have found that the modes and contents of entrepreneurial learning from failure are the key elements to influence the growth of new ventures, but these studies didn’t explain its mechanism of action clearly. First, different ways of learning from failure will have what’s kinds of different effects on growth of enterprises; Second, the modes of learning from failure could’t fully explain the diffierences on growth of enterprises, so more in-depth studies which based on the entrepreneurial learning contents from failure are needed on the effects of firm’s growth; Third, the problem of learning contents is that how to learn can be more effective also needs to provide more effective solutions.According to the above problems, this study uses a large-scale questionnaires survey(in eastern coastal cities of China) to get the data on the basis of related research, through the SPSS 19.0 and Amos17.0 carrying out hypothesis test, the main conclusions are as follows:The structure on entrepreneurial learning contents from failure of new ventures includes four dimensions, they are: oneself learning, venture learning, networks and relationships learning, venture management learning; The modes and contents of learning from failure have a positive influence on the growth of new ventures; Based on the learning contents from failure, the learning modes from failure have a positive influence on the growth of new ventures. Finally, this article has carried on the induction and summary, and pointed out the existing deficiencies, put forward some prospects and recommendations for the future research.
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