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The Influence Mechanism Of Entrepreneurial Orientation On The New Ventures Performance Based On The Perspective Of Bricolage

Posted on:2017-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the new force of the market economy, the new ventures play an important role in promoting employment, innovation as well as social and economic development. However, most new ventures will be faced with the problem of resource constraints. The content that how new ventures breakthrough resource constraints to survive and develop has been the hot spot of the academic research. Thus. In the fierce market competition, how can the new ventures choose the entrepreneurial orientation strategy to improve performance? how can the new ventures use resources at hand to breakthrough constraints better? how can the new ventures use the previous experience to overcome the barriers of new entry effectively. At present, new ventures need to solve the practical problems urgently.Prior research shows that the new ventures choose entrepreneurial orientation strategy to deal with environmental complexity and challenges effectively and help to improve the performance on the whole. However, due to the different research perspectives, research on the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and new ventures performance, the academic circles has not yet formed a unified conclusion. Previous studies mostly adopt a single variable instead of the multiple variables to explore the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and new ventures performance. This paper focuses on the essential problem:"what internal influence mechanism does entrepreneurial orientation affect new venture performance". The author chooses the new ventures in the process of creating and growing break through constraints as a new research perspective, referring to the "entrepreneurial attitude-entrepreneurial behavior-performance" research paradigm. We introduce entrepreneurial bricolage to the research framework and construct the mediation model. Besides, the process that entrepreneurial bricolage affects the new ventures performance will be moderated by many other variables, the entrepreneurial prior experience is one of the important variables among them. This paper selects 145 new ventures which set up in eight years as research object, from the perspective of entrepreneurial bricolage to explore the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and new ventures performance, and investigate the regulating mechanism of the prior experience meanwhile. The author conducts empirical analysis foe the theoretical model and research assumptions.The empirical results show that:(1) entrepreneurial orientation strategy behavior characterized by innovation, risk-taking and proactiveness is helpful to improve the new ventures performance;(2) the entrepreneurial orientation to positively affects the behavior of entrepreneurial bricolage;(3) the entrepreneurs adopt entrepreneurial bricolage to integrate resources at hand in the form of innovation, which can overcome resource constraints and develop entrepreneurial opportunities and then improve the performance of new ventures significantly;(4) entrepreneurial bricolage plays partial intermediary effect between entrepreneurial orientation and the new firms performance;(5) the prior experience plays a positive adjustment on the relationship between bricolage and new ventures performance. Finally, according to the research, the paper gets some managerial implications, which has certain guiding significance for new ventures utilizing the resources in hand to overcome the constraints and improve new ventures performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:entrepreneurial, entrepreneurial orientation, entrepreneurial bricolage, the entrepreneurial prior experience, new ventures performance
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