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Research On The Induced Mechanism Of Entrepreneurial Bricolage And Its Impact On The Performance Of New Ventures

Posted on:2018-07-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "National Outline of innovation-driven development strategy" in May 2016.It proposed to build and improve innovation and entrepreneurship supports to form a lively situation of public entrepreneurship and innovation,innovation and entrepreneurship have reached to an unprecedented height.It is bound to nurture and gave birth to a large number of new start-ups,for example,a daily average of 12 000 new enterprises were born in 2015.It has added a lot of energy for China's economic development.At the same time,we also observed new venture high failure rate,poor quality growth,as well as a huge difference showed in the growth process.Hence,it is urgent to investigate the growing mechanisms and rules of new ventures and to explore how to keep high growth and sustainable development capacity for new ventures.The traditional RBV believes that companies gain competitive advantage through heterogeneous resources,but it failed to give a clear explanation to where the heterogeneous resources come from,as well as the behavior and the process of building these resources.Resource constraints are the primary limiting factor faced by entrepreneurs in entrepreneurial situation,and most entrepreneurs lack the resources to develop entrepreneurial opportunities.How startups lack of resources to cope with difficulties,and thus gain a competitive advantage? This is a question which the traditional RBV can not answer but is a real and urgent problems faced by new ventures.The entrepreneurial bricolage theory have put forward a profound interpretation from a new perspective for this question and showed a broad development prospects.The theory emphasizes creating competitive advantage through the creative use of existing resources at lower cost and faster response speed.However,as a new and rapid development field of research,there are still many problems to need to depth study according to existing literature.At present,the main research of entrepreneurial bricolage still remain in the theoretical discussion stage,there are few research findings,especially the lack of quantitative research,and mainly foreign research.These questions which did not reveal the depth in the literature need to further expansions for what kind of business could take entrepreneurial bricolage strategy,what factors can influence and induce entrepreneurial bricolage,and the regulatory mechanisms between entrepreneurial bricolage and performance and so on.In order to compensate for the lack of previous studies,through entrepreneurial bricolage theory,resource-based theory,this paper analyzes the induced mechanism of entrepreneurial bricolage for New Ventures from multi-level Perspective as well as the effect and boundary conditions of entrepreneurial bricolage on performance.By constructing a theoretical framework and hypotheses,it draws the following conclusions using 228 Chinese New Ventures data.First,charismatic leadership,strategic flexibility and relationship learning all have significant positive effect on entrepreneurial bricolage,and these effects will not be impacted by market dynamics.Second,both strategic flexibility and learning relations have significant positive effect on firm performance,but the role of charismatic leadership on performance is not significant.Third,entrepreneurial bricolage has significant positive effect on firm performance,and with respect to the growth performance,it is better to encourage innovation performance.Fourth,entrepreneurial bricolage will more encourage performance for start-ups with the depth of knowledge base,but the knowledge breadth and entrepreneurial orientation show no significant regulatory role.Fifth,entrepreneurial bricolage has showed partly mediating role between strategic flexibility,relationship learning and firm performance.On the basis of the existing research,the main innovative points of this paper are as follows:1.Innovation in Content——It promotes the research on entrepreneurial bricolage in Chinese context from the theoretical and empirical level.As an emerging research area of international entrepreneurship,entrepreneurial bricolage put forward a deep interpretation on how to break through the resource constraints and gain competitive advantage from a new perspective and shows broad prospect.However,as a new field of research,the research on entrepreneurial bricolage remains low at home and abroad,especially quantitative study.The current main research on entrepreneurial bricolage is still in the stage of definition of relevant concepts and theoretical analysis.There are many issues such as induced mechanism and factors of entrepreneurial bricolage need further exploration.Meanwhile,the current studying mainly focus on foreign scholars and companies,while the domestic research has just begun.Due to the different institutional and market environment,the findings reached in the West may not apply to China.Therefore,under the Chinese transitional economy,focus on Chinese New Ventures,based on case studies and sample data,using qualitative and quantitative methods,it explored the induced mechanism and the impact on performance of entrepreneurial bricolage.It enriched the research of entrepreneurial bricolage.Therefore,it demonstrated innovation in content.2.Innovation in Perspective — — It systematically analyses the inducement mechanism of entrepreneurial bricolage from the individual,organization and network perspective.This paper enriched the research on factors of entrepreneurial bricolage from the multi-level perspective,and deepened our understanding of the formation mechanism of entrepreneurial bricolage as well as extended the multi-level research.The existing research scholars generally refine factors from their own perspective,these factors are random and lack of in-depth study,and mainly at the enterprise level,ignoring the impact of individual and network on entrepreneurial bricolage.In fact,individual and network factors also exhibit impact on entrepreneurial bricolage.However,there is a bit research on influence factors of individual and network level,but the lack of multi-level analysis.Combined with entrepreneurial bricolage and multilevel perspective,breakthrough the limit of single-level factors,considering on the charismatic leadership at individual level,strategic flexibility at organizational level and relational learning at network level,it analysis the inducing mechanism of entrepreneurial bricolage systematically from multi-level perspective.It is benefit supplement research for the existing research.Therefore,it demonstrated innovation in perspeactive.3.Expansion of the border——It further reveals the organizational context of entrepreneurial bricolage and expands the boundaries of the role of entrepreneurial bricolage.The research on entrepreneurial bricolage mainly from abroad,domestic research relatively late and there are few empirical research based on China's national conditions.Focusing on new ventures in the Chinese context,it empirically analyed the impact on business performance and expanded the geographic boundary of entrepreneurial bricolage.Entrepreneurial behavior needs to take into account different situational factors,but the theory of entrepreneurship patchwork on the situational factors is clearly inadequate,only a few scholars introduced some organizational context in their model.Knowledge base represents the knowledge or resources level,EO is a manifestation of the will or entrepreneurial attitude.For Chinese new ventures,they will reflect different knowledge base and EO with different resource endowments.Based on the knowledge-based view and strategic choice view,it analyzed the influence mechanism on the entrepreneurial bricolage effect of knowledge base and EO,it further revealed the situation factors and expanded the boundary conditions for entrepreneurial bricolage.It enriched and deepened the theory of entrepreneurial bricolage.Therefore,it demonstrated expansion of the research border.
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