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Preparation Of Adipic Acid By Phosphotungstic Acid Catalytic Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Cyclohexene

Posted on:2017-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2311330485473603Subject:Physical chemistry
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Adipic acid is an important raw material for the synthesis of nylon 66 and polyurethane. The most important traditional industrial synthesis method is nitric acid oxidation of cyclohexane, the second method is the cyclohexene and phenol. The proportion of three kinds of production in domestic is 93%, 4% and 3% respectively. The method of nitric acid oxidation of cyclohexane is polluted environmently seriously and corroded to equipment. In recent years, the phenol method is also faced with the possibility of withdrawing from the market. In future, the promising industrial synthesis is the preparation adipic acid by cyclohexene of hydrogen peroxide oxidation, because of the process route is short, clean and friendly. The catalyst used in the oxidation process is mainly tungsten based, such as sodium tungstate, phosphotungstic acid. However, the conditions of oxidation process is not optimized, and the view of factors for reaction is not consistent. The hotspot is what measures can be took to effectively improve the yield of adipic acid and the difficulty is how to prevent the invalid decomposition to hydrogen peroxide. Therefore,hydrogen peroxide(30%) as oxidant, phosphotungstic acid as catalyst.Investigating the conditions of reaction and determining several important influencing factors by orthogonal experiment. Through investigating decomposition rate of hydrogen peroxide and establishing the reaction kinetic model of hydrogen peroxide decomposition under reasonable assumptions, then the reaction kinetic parameters of hydrogen peroxide consumed in the process were obtained by theoretical calculations and which were compared with the excess iodometric method. It be access to accurate information of its residues at any time to provide the evidence for determining the terminated time of the reaction. In addition, through the investigation of several common acidic, neutral and alkaline additives tofilter out an effective additive to improve the yield of adipic acid.
Keywords/Search Tags:phosphotungstic acid, hydrogen peroxide, adipic acid, additives
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