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The Study On Reclaiming And Solubility Of Adipic Acid

Posted on:2005-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360182976423Subject:Chemical processes
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With the improvement of environment consciousness and the shortage ofresources, more and more attention is paid to regenerating the waste that isproduced in production and reclaiming adipic acid. Waste liquor in cyclohexaneoxidation is the liquid that is produced in the course of oxidation of cyclohexane.In the passage the correlative basic research was done in order to recovering adipicacid in the waste.Reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography was studied toanalyses adipic, glutaric and succinic acid. The effect of the mobile phase and pHon analyzing the three kinds of acid, and the suitable chromatography conditionwas found. Then the standard curves of adipic, glutaric and succinic acid weredrawn, and the coefficients of correlation were computed. On this base, wasteliquor in cyclohexane oxidation was analyzed, and the amount of adipic acid wasmeasured.The progress of disposing waste liquor in cyclohexane oxidation withhydrogen peroxide was studied. The suitable catalyst and scour were found, andthen the optimal flow was chosen. The influences of the hydrogen peroxideamount and temperature on purity and yield of adipic acid were investigated. Afterthis, the optimal reaction condition had been gotten.The progress of disposing waste liquor in cyclohexane oxidation with nitricacid was also studied. The reasons why the production is colored were analyzedand the factors were found. After studying the effect of the second crystal, thecraftwork was chosen. And in order to get the optimal reaction condition, somefactors, such as the temperature, the nitric acid amount, the nitric acidconcentration and the catalyst amount, were investigated.A set of apparatus for determining solid-liquid equation at abnormal press hasbeen designed and established to measure the solubility of adipic acid in water,cyclohexanone, cyclohexanol, and the mixture of cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol.Then experience equation, ideal thermodynamics equation and λh equation arebuilt. The result of experience equation and λh equation is satisfactory. However,the result of ideal thermodynamics equation is more difference with theexperiment, which shows that these systems are not ideal approximately.
Keywords/Search Tags:adipic acid, glutaric acid, succinic acid, reclaim, liquid chromatography, hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid, solid-liquid equation
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