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Research On Self-healing Of Active Distribution Network With IBDGs Based On Big Data And Multi-agent

Posted on:2018-06-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2322330518985888Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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With the development of power systems,distributed energy is increasingly embedded in the grid,IBDGs(Inverter-Based Distributed Generators)high permeability,making the distribution system has become a very complex network.The traditional distribution network can not effectively manage IBDGs,which makes the utilization of IBDGs very low.The active distribution network proposed by the CIGRE C6.11 Working Group can closely align IBDGs with large distribution networks through highly automated electrical equipment and advanced communications technology,which has strong access and control capabilities to IBDGs and can greatly improve the utilization rate of IBDGs.More and more power system faults occur in power system,which greatly reduces the stability and power quality of power system.In order to reduce the influence of power failure on power system,and effectively control IBDGs and improve the utilization rate of IBDGs,this paper focuses on the self-healing of active distribution network with IBDGs.The main work of this paper is as follows:1?In order to effectively manage the IBDGs,the control strategy of the inverter in this paper adopts the droop control.In order to make up for its deficiency,this paper proposes the phase droop control,which is combined with the droop control to achieve the IBDGs connection and islanding operation of the two operating modes of smooth seamless handoff.2?In the process of active distribution network with IBDGs,a large number of complex and polymorphic data are produced.The traditional data processing technology can not meet the demand,this paper use large data processing method to deal with the data generated during the operation of IBDGs active distribution network.The simulation results show that this data processing method has a very good effect.3?For the three-phase grounding fault that may occur in active distribution network with IBDGs,the traditional self-healing method can not restore the load as much as possible quickly and effectively.Based on this,this paper proposes the use of advanced intelligent agent technology for self-healing of active distribution network with IBDGs.4?In order to solve the compatibility problem between MAS(Multi-agent System)and IEC 61850,the IEC 61850 information model is mapped to the agent communication language ACL.By adopting the IEC 61850 information model as a unified model of information interaction between agents to achieve the communication between different intelligent electronic devices,the information interaction between agents adopts ACL language.Function model on self-healing of active distribution network with IBDGs based onMAS is proposed in this paper,which can make self-healing scheme flexibly,quickly and reliably.This scheme reduces the time of self-healing,increase safety and reliability of the system,improve the system power quality,to avoid the IBDGs unnecessary power cut,improve the utilization rate of IBDGs.5?This paper proposes the use of MACSimJX middleware to realize the communication between MATLAB / Simulink platform and JADE platform.The simulation result proves the feasibility and accuracy of this communication mechanism.Then,the simulation model on self-healing of active distribution network with IBDGs is established in MATLAB / Simulink and MAS is built in JADE.By using the data of MATLAB / Simulink simulation model,achieve the fault localization,fault discrimination and isolation by using the function of Relays.The simulation results show that Relays have high fault classification accuracy.Through the MAS to make self-healing scheme,the self-healing of the active distribution network with IBDGs is achieved in the MATLAB / Simulink simulation model.The experimental results show that the proposed self-healing system of active distribution network with IBDGs has good reliability and stability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Active Distribution Network with IBDGs, Multi-agent System, IEC 61850Information Model, Power Big Data, Self-Healing
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