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Research On Deepwater Diving Support Vessel Electrical Propulsion System And Simulation

Posted on:2018-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2322330536957628Subject:Mechanical engineering
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Electrical propulsion system compared with conventional diesel propulsion,has a wide range of speed,direction and flexible propulsion,drive torque,small volume,flexible layout,easy automatic control,etc.,precisely adapted to the application of Dynamic Positioning System.(1)This topic with deep diving mother ship of Marine electric propulsion system as the main research object,through the investigation and collect data to understand the development of electric propulsion system at home and abroad,explains the advantages and disadvantages of electric power system and its application.(2)This paper analyzes the composition of the electric propulsion system of the deep diving working mother ship,and studies the requirements of the main equipment and system.Then the distribution system and distribution mode of electric propulsion ship were studied,and the control of neutral ground and harmonic were analyzed.This paper studies the frequency conversion control system and the mainstream frequency conversion control technology.(3)The simulation results show that the electric power load has been put into the grid stage,and the higher harmonic content is higher.After a period of time,the power grid transition to steady state,because of the effect of the filter,the power spectrum density of harmonic is reduced to lower.The simulation results are verified by model test,and the results show that the design's electric propulsion system has good performance and positioning effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:Epwater Diving Support Vessel, Electrical Propulsion Dynamic SPositioning, Medium Voltage, Frequency Control, Model Test
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