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Practice Report On Chinese Translation Of Travels In Alaska(Chapter One To Five)

Posted on:2017-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the historical background of globalization, the international communication, especially the cross-cultural communication is becoming increasingly closed, of which the travel notes with distinct culture-loaded items are playing an inevitable role in international communication. The translation of travel notes is conductive to promoting domestic and international cultural progress and mutual learning. This practice report attempts to reappear through translation the physic-geographical environment, local customs and practices, time features and social lives of the America in 19 th century, aiming at promoting environmental protection awareness of the whole society and actively involved in environmental protection undertakings.This report emphasizes the translation of discourse coherence from the perspective of viewpoint transfer, analyzing the problems and solutions occurred in translation of discourse coherence-- descriptive sentences with strong sense of space should be translated through word order adjustment as well as division and combination; cultured-loaded sentences through literal translation and addition, and meaning extension; discourse incoherence derived from voice and semantic differences should be translated by the change of the voices and semantic exchange. The whole report includes four parts: the first part introduces the translation task, The second part discusses the attentive matters before translation. The third part discusses the guiding significance of temporal and spatial viewpoint, ideological viewpoint and narrative viewpoint to the translation of discourse coherence. The last part concludes the whole report and points out the gains and shortcomings of translation practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:travel notes, discourse coherence, temporal and spatial viewpoint, ideological viewpoint, narrative viewpoint
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