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A Report On The Translation Of In The Age Of Love And Chocolate (Excerpts)

Posted on:2017-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This is a translation report on the first three chapters of In the Age of Love and Chocolate (excerpts) by Gabrielle Zevin. Gabrielle Zevin had graduated from Harvard University in America in 2000, majoring in English and American literature. She lives in New York, USA. She has published eight novels; the work has been translated into more than twenty languages. For a long time, she is full of striking thought about the future of books, bookstores and book lovers. Her works is translated into many versions and sold all over the world. At present, the Chinese translation of this novel has not appeared, the writer wants to provide a preferable translation.This report is an analysis of the common problems in the translation of In the Age of Love and Chocolate extracted from Gabrielle Zevin's novel. From the perspective of Newmark's translation theories and his strategies of semantic and communicative translation, they reflect the translation problems in a rational manner. In the translation report, the author has analyzed the rhetorical skills, dialogue translation, and each level is explained with several references in detailed.The report is composed of five chapters. Firstly, the translator offers a brief introduction to the author and the novel. Secondly it systematically introduces the translating of the novel. Thirdly, the author has analyzed the Newmark's translation typology and the guiding theory of the translation project in great details. Then the next part is the core of the report, in which the author has discussed the skills used of translating this novel. Finally, it is a conclusion based on the analysis of examples in the translation, which summarizes what has been done so far in the translating process and the limitations of the project, as well as the author's in-depth reflection about them.
Keywords/Search Tags:In the Age of Love and Chocolate, Gabrielle Zevin, Newmark's translation typology, Dialogue translation skills
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