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A Report On The Translation Of Text Typology And Translation (Introduction, Chapter One)

Posted on:2019-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The translation practice is Text Typology and Translation written by Anna Trosborg and published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press in 2012.The book has 366 pages and contains 16 articles,which is divided into three parts.The first part deals with methodology.The second part focuses on the text of different genres in various specialized fields from the perspective of cross-cultural vision.The third part studies terminology and dictionaries.The authors of articles are the famous scholars from Denmark,Britain,Germany,Italy,Austria,Hong Kong,China and other places.It is very instructive for translation researchers and workers and provides a theoretical basis for guiding translation practice both at home and abroad in the future.Text Typology and Translation is categorized as the academic information text type in accordance with Peter Newmark's classification of texts.In this report,the translator is responsible for the translation of the introduction part and the first chapter of the first part.Under the guidance of this theory,the case analysis part adopts both the communicative and semantic translation methods,and most translation part adopts the semantic translation method to complete the project.Therefore,the practice report will combine the theory of words,sentences,texts and cultural aspects to solve the difficulties encountered in translation,and explore the application of translation techniques such as part of speech conversion,word order adjustment,annotation and other translation techniques in translation practice.Through the analysis of the key points and difficulties in the process of translation,the paper summarizes the achievements and the problems that need to be improved.
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