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The Analysis Of Text.structure And Interpretation To The No.2 Concerto Of Double Bass From Bottesini

Posted on:2018-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Bottesini made an important contribution to the development of solo with double bass.He proposed the unique way of how to use the French bow.The unique way made the timber played with double bass much closer to that played by violoncello.The different way of setting strings on double bass he used caused the different pitch and quality for various environments from former and impressed the public so much.It sounds to reason that the double bass performance performs on the stage instead of being performed behind the curtain in the past.The concerto is divided into three movements.The musical structure is of improvisation and free expression.The first movement is in sonata form,the reproduction section is less than standard sonata form.The second movement is a single trilogy,although it is short,it is the most changeable.The third movement,which is in sonata form,and rhythm used throughout Napoli dance,is full of strong Italy characteristics.The original version of the concerto was for piano in B minor and strings in C minor.From the setting of tonality we can infer some related information,such as volume change,pitching the tune up,the changes of instrument itself,and the degree of difficulty of the concerto,etc.This concerto was mainly published with five versions.From the five versions of the work,we can find the requirements gradually are emphasized on solo tuning up,as well as more attention paid to sounds.In the accompaniment part,the introduction is gradually shortened to meet the needs of school teaching.The marks on the works have also become gradually detailed,which provides good materials for teaching.The author focuses on the comparison of two versions of the work.From a number of analysis in different aspects,including the performance requirements,the performance practice,together with the theories in the second chapter,the composer's compliance performance style,she concluded her own feeling of how to play the double bass.
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