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The Research On Forms Of Focus In The Oracle Inscriptions In The Shang Dynasty

Posted on:2018-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H D ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330536973659Subject:Chinese Philology
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Focus is an important term of pragmatics,which refers to the prominent part in a sentence,and the forms of focus are the methods to highlight the focus.At present,scholars mostly study the pragmatic of modern Chinese language,and fewer people relate it with oracle inscriptions.Although some scholars have begun to study the oracle inscriptions from the perspective of pragmatics,more focused on a particular form of focus or some kind of oracle bones,lack of systematic research of forms of focus in the oracle inscriptions.This article mainly researches on oracle inscriptions from the perspective of pragmatics.We studies the form which Nostradamus used to highlight the focus based on the focus theory,and summarizes their characteristics,systematically shows the general situation of the forms of focus on the oracle bones.This paper is divided into five sections.The first chapter ‘introduction' mainly reviews the results of the predecessors.The second chapter mainly discusses the focus methods including ‘word,syntax means,symmetry inscription selection inscription,divination words and verification words',and lists the main types of the forms of focus.From the third chapter to the fifth chapter we respectively describes the forms of focus from ‘category of things',‘group' and ‘period' to observe the synchronic and diachronic characteristics of the forms of focus in the oracle inscriptions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Oracle inscriptions, Forms of focus, Category of things, Group, Period
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