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Influence On Translation Quality Due To Lack Of Awareness Of Readers And Proposal For Improvement

Posted on:2019-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The translator's awareness of readers plays a crucial role in the assurance of translation quality.It includes a definition of the target readership of the particular translation project or text the translator is working on to fulfill the intended communication purpose in another language,or the target language,which,in most cases,does not work and function in an identical way as the source language,and a clear awareness of the readership's expectation of and response to the translated project or text.Problems will occur and the effects of communication may be seriously affected if the translator is not well equipped with such awareness of readers in the process of translating a text.Based on a case study of a particular English to Chinese translation project of content-focused texts the author has engaged in as both a translator and proofreader,this paper discusses and studies,through text analysis,how the lack of awareness of readers in the process of translation may severely influence the accuracy and conciseness of the translated text,and the fulfillment of the intended communication purpose.And as a result,the translated version cannot accomplish the functions which the original text has.Following the first two chapters that deal with the typical problems caused by the lack of awareness of readers,the author propose in Chapter III tentative strategies for enhancing the translator's awareness of readers in the operating process for better assurance of translation quality.It is concluded in this paper that awareness of readers is vital to the translation quality and it should be paid as much attention as possible during the translation process.
Keywords/Search Tags:awareness of readers, translation quality, content-focused text, functions of the original text
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