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A Research Addressing The Formation Of Color And Related Factors Of New Year's Drawings In Taohuawu, Suzhou

Posted on:2019-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330545976818Subject:Cultural relics and museums
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Chinese New Year Paintings a form of painting expression peculiar to China,Chinese New Year Paintings from different regions show a variety of artistic styles in color expression.Dating back to Shang and Zhou Dynasty,Chinese New Year Paintings was initially found in the character of door-god and kitchen-god of the ritual activities.Qing Dynasty is the peak of the Chinese New Year Paintings which was evolved from engraving the patterns on the surface of the objects,developed further as paper was invented and subsequently the printing technology was popularized.There are various kinds of themes of Chinese New Year Paintings,the way of which color is used in Chinese New Year Paintings is quite popular among the public.It is worth mentioning that the color expression in Chinese New Year Paintings is not a simply piling up of the color,but a form of decorative expression which has a rich cultural intention and artistic characteristic.This paper will analyze the cause of color formation of Taohaowu,by taking the analysis of the color used in Taohaowu as the entry point,with the methodology of documentary method and Field Investigation,to produce a comprehensive study of Taohaowu.Furthermore,it is suggested to develop the usage of color of Taohaowu to well integrate it with the modern life in the premise of preserving and inheriting the traditionalTaohaowu as a precious cultural heritage.The structure of this research is compromised of six chapters including research background,current research status,the definition of Chinese New Year Paintings,the definition of the color and the workmanship of Chinese New Year Paintings,the analysis of the cause of color formation,and the connection and interrelation between Taohaowu and the related social life.This paper is aimed at carrying out a comprehensive study of the cause of the color formation of Taohaowu,and giving an insight into the development and inheritance of it.First of all,the introduction of the research is to draw forth the research objectives,briefly introduces the research background,current research status and lists research questions.Thus to provide a precise outline and research method for the main parts.For giving Chinese New Year Paintings a clear definition,Chapter One primarily introduces what Chinese New Year Paintings is,by outlining the development of it,classifying the different types and listing several types of great renown.Besides,Chinese New Year Paintings will be discussed from a historical perspective in order to form the basis for the following interoperation of the evolution of Chinese New Year Paintings.Chapter Two explains the conception of color,by discussing it within the traditional Chinese cultural context and analyzing it via scientific approach of western studies.Firstly,Chinese people' s concept of using colors is deeply influenced by the concepts of five elements(traditional Chinese concepts referring to gold,wood,water,fire and sand).Secondly,there is a strong interrelation between human and color seeing or feeling the color according to western researches form the scientific aspects.These interpretation could be the foundation for the following chapters.Chapter Three mainly introduce several places of producing the well-known Chinese New Year Paintings,giving a focus on the difference of color expression between South and North.Chapter Four presents an historical picture of the development of Taohaowu,the workmanship and the relevant materials which includes the tools and raw materials.One could have a better understanding of the cause of color formation by having an insight of the knowledge presented in this chapter.The concluding Chapter Five,will sum up the whole research.Firstly the conclusion will be reached addressing the cause of the color formation of Taohaowu,which includes the specific regional cultural context,thegeological and environmental influence,the aesthetic ability of the public,the level of economic development etc.This is followed by the discussion of the interrelation of the color expression of Taohaowu and the relevant social life,allowing a better appreciation of the object,concerned with the future of the heritage management.Besides,the limitations of this research and suggestions for further research will be proposed.
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