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A Comprartive Study Of Taohuawu And Fengxiang Qin Qiong And Jing De Door-god Paintings

Posted on:2020-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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There are many kinds of Wooden New Year pictures distributed in different regions of China,Each region has its own unique artistic characteristics,and they are interrelated with each other.This paper chooses the Qin Qiong and Jing De Door-God paintings of Taohuawu in Suzhou and Fengxiang in Baoji as the research objects,and makes a scientific and objective comparative analysis of the data of them obtained from the investigation.Finally,found the reasons for the differences in artistic characteristics.Firstly,this paper combs the development of the Door God painting and the origin of the image of Qin Qiong and Jing De,chooses the the longest development time and mature artistic style——Qin Qiong and Jing De Door God painting as the research samples,carries on the analysis and comparison of their color,composition and shape characteristics.In color,use scientific methods to get the color data of Door-God paintings of the two places.According to the specific data,analyzed and compared the color characteristics.In terms of color differences,this paper analyses the influence of pigments and paper on the color display of paintings.In composition,calculate the proportion relationship of military generals in the paintings,according to the specific data analyzed and compared the proportion and composition of figures.In modeling;extract the shape of characters' faces and the decorative patterns in clothing,analyzed and compared according to the extracted elements.In terms of artistic style,it also analyses the differences brought by geographical,economic and humanistic environment on the paintings between the two places.Through summarizing and analyzing the current situation of Wooden New Year pictures,this paper puts forward the significance of inheritance of it.
Keywords/Search Tags:Taohuawu, Fengxiang, Wood New year Pictures, Color, Modeling, Comparative Analysis
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