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The Existing Problems And Solutions Of Election Of Villagers' Committee

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There are inseparable relationship between general election of villagers' committee and construction of democratic politics in our country.As important form of villager autonomy according to law in the most grass-roots level in rural areas,general election of villagers' committe will push forward to political democracy of the whole society in China.Organic Law of Village Committees of the People's Republic of China was formally promulgated in 1998 and this shows general election of villagers' committee has gradually grown into Standardization and modernization.However,facing the new situation of the new period,it is worthy to research more in some problems of this system.The development of villagers committee election system is divided into three stages.In the early 1980 s,with spreading the family-contract responsibility system far and wide,market economy also obtaining certain development,election for m which is similar to Organic Law of Village Committees began to appear in the liberal democracy atmosphere in part of the rural areas in our country.Later,the trial of Organic Law of Village Committees in 1987,makes this system gradually developed,and relevant contents and forms become perfect.The formal act of Organic Law of Village Committees passed in 1998 and it is recognized by people in the process of operation.Villagers' committee election system in X county went through a series of stages as the same as other areas.X county is a traditional large agricultural county and its economic development situation is the medium level in Yuncheng.In this paper,the villagers committee election of X county is taken as a n example,which can represent the situation of primary election in the central and western regions in our country.At the end of 2014,X county organize the 10 th villagers committee elections at expiration of office terms under unified planning of provinc e and city,but all sor ts of problems appear in the process of election,such as,nonstandard procedure of election,serious violation of law and discipline,voters' uninterested performance in the election and vague orientation of the government's role fo r township government in the election,etc.It will be very urgent and have practical significance that people should learn from scientifically analyzing these problems occurred in the process of villagers committee election to provide reference for the Midwest rural villagers' committee election in future.The situation in rural area is special in our countr y.In the 1980 s,the system of villagers' autonomy is introduced because of the implementation of China's rural household contract responsibility system in the rural social.To safeguard the voting rights of democratic elections that has been too hard won,we should not only understand the background of villagers committee election system,also we should realize problems existing in the villagers committee election system after nearly 30 years' economic and social development.Considering these problems,the relevant government depar tments should improve the electoral procedure to make the election system more standardized,should fight against the phenomenon of bribery in election,should promote political capabilities of voters so that they can take part in election actively,should guide the villagers committee to vote smoothly in neutral point of view.The village committee election is a matter of concer n to peasants' vital interests.Only interaction with each parties can this system get continued perfection.Only in this way,this system can provide reference for village committee election after this time and really reflects the essence of the people be ing masters in our country.
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