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Study On The Resources Dependence Of Charity Organization To Participate In Social Assistance Act

Posted on:2017-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330488977692Subject:Social security
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Nowadays in China,charitable organizations to participate in social assistance are faced with many obstacles, one of them is the limited resources. Charitable organizations may not have the all necessary resources for its own development. In the process of participation, charitable organizations rely on tangible resources, especially humans and funds, intangible resources, such as knowledge, relationships, culture, status and credibility, and the degree of dependence is constantly deepening. In terms of access to resources charitable organizations are also faced with many difficulties, they rely to establish contact with all aspects of political, economic and social system, in order to obtain the scarce resources when charitable organizations to participate in social assistance. What is the impact of resource dependence on the behavior of charitable organizations involved in social assistance? And this dependence will bring what kind of impact? From the perspective of resource dependence, the study found that there is a high dependence on charity organization for the government’s political legitimacy, legal resources and capital resources, however the government for charitable organizations to provide public service resources dependence is selective, the resource dependence between the two is not symmetrical. Asymmetric resource dependence for the charitable organization in social assistance has positive and negative effects. On the one hand, it can promote the sharing of resources, improve the citizen awareness of charity, promote charitable organizations to participate in social assistance; and on the other hand, resource dependence makes charitable organization with a clear administrative colors, lack of independence. It hindered the charitable organizations to participate in social assistance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Charitable organization, Social assistance, Resource dependence, Resource dependence effect
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