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Research On Improving The Supervision Mechanism Of Taizhou People’s Congress

Posted on:2017-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512460104Subject:Public Management
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The supervision of the municipal people’s congresses and social development requirements,with the expectations of the people there is a gap.Therefore,strengthening the oversight function of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress to enhance the effectiveness of supervision is the municipal people’ s congress need to study and solve a major issue is to maintain the work of NPC vitality and vitality of an important task.In the current increasingly complex economic and social development situation,through the municipal people’s congress supervision work to put forward the perfect countermeasure,the local people’s congress work innovation and practice has very important guiding significance.Firstly,this article systematically summarizes the basic conception,value meaning,content constitution and dynamic mechanism of the supervisory power of the municipal people’s congress,and introduces the history of Taizhou People’s Congress and the supervision.On this basis,the author sums up the problems in the supervision mechanism of the people’s congress,such as lack of understanding,lack of supervision,lack of rigidity and unsatisfactory results,and the lack of perfect understanding of law,incomplete legal construction and self-construction And on behalf of the lack of quality,historical heritage and cultural constraints and other factors.On the one hand,it draws lessons from the experiences of the foreign supervisor system,does not trust the voting right,the questioning power and the budget supervision.On the other hand,it draws lessons from the local prefecture-level cities to strengthen the leadership of the Party committee,supervise according to law,supervise the important matters,The experience of appointment and removal of supervision.Based on the practical work of the municipal people’s congress at present,we carefully sort out the working context of the people’s congress and work out the three measures in line with the local work: adhere to the party’s leadership,straighten out the responsibility relationship;Improve the examination and approval system,the budget system,the normal operation of the inquiry and inquiry system;the implementation of the NPC special committees to improve the degree of full-time members of the NPC Standing Committee,to promote the NPC deputies workstation full coverage,For the municipal people’s congresses to further strengthen supervision work to provide policy recommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:People ’s congress, Supervisory authority, Monitoring mechanism
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