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A Study On The Integration Of Urban Social Psychology Of Land-lost Farmers In The Suburbs From The Perspective Of Grounded Theory

Posted on:2017-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The problem of urban social psychological integration in the process of urbanization of land-lost peasants has become a real problem that the society needs to solve.Land-lost peasants are a large number of transitional groups in the rapid development of urbanization in China,and the essence of urbanization is to realize the urbanization and modernization of the people.The peasants who have lost their land actively integrate into the cities and transform them into real citizens.The construction of the title should have meaning.Land-lost farmers to complete the identity of the change,changes in values,lifestyle changes and psychological adaptation are to speed up the process of urbanization and improve the level of urbanization key.Among them,their urban life in the psychological acceptance,adaptation and integration are its true integration into the best embodiment of urban society.Land-lost farmers’ psychological integration into urban society is a deep-seated problem of the land-lost peasants.When the land-lost peasants in the process of urbanization of the psychological discomfort and contradictions are not timely and effective solution will be for their own and social development lay a huge hidden dangers.It is difficult to fully guide and directly apply the practice of land-expropriation and demolition in China,which has aroused the attention of academia and society in our country,but the research results are not rich enough at present.In this paper,a large number of problems and highlight the outskirts of the land-lost peasants of urban social psychological integration as the main research content,using grounded theory to carry out field interviews and research,in the data encoding process step by step suburban land-lost peasants into the city and psychological problems to be natural presentation.And find out the interaction of the four factors of politics,economy,culture and society and mapping them into the psychology of the land-lost peasants.Based on this,this paper constructs the social psychology of suburban land-lost peasants into the influencing factors structure model,and finds out the psychological barrier of urban land-lost peasants into the city.As the main research findings and achievements of this paper.And then provide the corresponding government intervention strategies for their mental disorders.This paper takes the W community which is going through land acquisition and demolition and the X community which has completed the land acquisition and resettlement movements in Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone as the research sample,encoding through depth interviews to collect empirical data.It is found that the four-dimension theoretical model proposed by Engzell et consistent with the theoretical model constructed in the study of social inclusion,which provides a scientific basis for the construction of this theoretical model.However,this paper focuses on the analysis of four aspects of the factors on the outskirts of the land-lost peasants psychological effects and impact,which is unique in this study.The cross-linking table shows that the four influencing factors have significant influence on the subsistence of urban land-lost peasants.Finally,using the theoretical model,this paper puts forward some policy suggestions to solve the problem of psychological barriers to the land-lost peasants.The psychological integration of urban land-lost peasants to urban society not only needs their own increasing capacity,but also needs the government and social organizations.Needs the government,society and the suburbs of land-lost peasants to push forward together.Based on the vital interests of land-lost peasants in the suburbs,taking the psychological level of integration into consideration as the starting point and ending point,from the political,economic,cultural and social aspects of the four aspects of urban and rural land-lost farmers to complete the qualitative change,construction and development.At the same time,the problem of psychological integration of urban land-lost peasants in urban suburbs has to be paid more attention and discussion by the scholars because of its complexity and variability.
Keywords/Search Tags:land-lost peasants, grounded theory, social psychological integration barriers, policy intervention
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