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On The Rules And Regualtions Of Ethnic Township And Its Standardization-Compared With Normal Township

Posted on:2018-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512988744Subject:National Law
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As a necessary supplement of Regional Ethnic Autonomy and the grass-root administration,the unique ethnic township is established to solve the problems of scattered and mixed ethnic minorities.According to the 27 th article of the Organic Law of the Villagers Committees of the PRC,the villagersí assembly can formulate and revise the constitution of the villagersí autonomy and the rules and regulations of the village.The rules and regulations of the village serve as an important method to the villagersí self-government in our country.How can villagers of the ethnic township strengthen the construction of the rules and regulations to realize the villagersí autonomy and the regional ethnic autonomy? This thesis makes a comparative case study about the rules and regulations of an ethnic township and an ordinary township by means of comparative research and empirical research to show their real status,and puts forward an approach for the standardization of them from the perspective of strengthening the construction of Regional Ethnic Autonomy.The thesis consists of introduction,conclusion and four chapters.Chapter One explains the significance and functions of the rules and regulations of ethnic township.They are the behavioral norms on public affairs in the village established by villagers spontaneously or under the guidance of ethnic township in accordance with concerned laws and policies to realize the villagersí autonomy and regional ethnic autonomy.They not only belong to important social systems,but also are the integral part of the Regional Ethnic Autonomy.Chapter Two tries to compare the rules and regulations of villages under the administration of Dong Minority Township and Moping Township as the example.It finds out that some problems exist there,such as unfulfilled function of these rules and regulations as well the similarity and lack of ethnic features.Chapter Three makes analysis on the problem found out by the comparison and believes that some similarities exist both in rules and regulations of normal and ethnic township,such as the inaction of the Villagersí Committee,the inadequate involvement of villagers and the lack of power of the grass-root administration.In addition,there still exist some other problems,such as the singularity of the range of application and ways of punishment and illegal phenomena.So,it is practically significant and useful to revise and improve the rules and regulations of ethnic township for the improvement and development of Regional Ethnic Autonomy and promote the law-oriented construction of regions inhabited by ethnic groups especially ethnic townships.Chapter Four demonstrates some ideas on the solution and standardization by enhancing the making procedures,regulating the contents,implementing concerned mechanisms and raising law-oriented awareness.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ethnic township, Rules and regulations of the village, Regional ethnic autonomy, Villagersí autonomy
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