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An Empirical Study On The Case Superbision System Of The People’s Congress

Posted on:2018-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The case supervision of the people’s Congress is a necessary form of the judicial supervision of the people’s Congress.It plays an important role in preventing the corruption of the judiciary,ensuring the justice of the judiciary and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of citizens.The debate on the supervision of the case has never stopped since the case supervision has been produced.Under the historical circusmatance of judicial reform,we should re-examine the issue of case supervision.At present,there are mainly three viewpoints in academic circles of NPC cases supervision:the first view is that the case supervision is a necessary means of exercising the right of supervision of the NPC and its Standing Committee,and it is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Constitution and the law,we should strengthen the supervision and improve the people’s Congress case;the second view holds that the case supervision destroys the independence of the judiciary thus it must be abolished completely;the third view is that the National People’s Congress’s case supervision is a product of the current judicial environment,we should consider the present and make it a better serve for the social construction of the rule of law by improving the case supervision.This article is in favor of the third view.The paper first makes an exposition of the basic situation of the case supervision and its legitimacy and rationality.After analyzing the current situation of our country’s current situation of case supervision system,the paper finds out the current problems and puts forward the idea of developing and perfecting the case supervision system.In addition to the introduction and conclusion,there are three parts in this paper.The first part summaries and makes a brief analysis of the basic concept,background and the academic dispute of case supervision.The second part focuses on the current situation of China’s National People’s Congress case supervision system,and empirically analysis the current problems of case supervision.The third part puts forward the suggestions of perfecting the system of the People’s Congress’s case supervision.The suggestions could solve the problems which are mentioned in part two.
Keywords/Search Tags:National People’s Congress, Standing Committee, The Swedish parliamentary ombudsman system, NPC judicial supervision committee
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