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The Two Major Transformation Of English Legal Education

Posted on:2017-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous progress of the society, the system of law construction attentioned by more and more countries and people.As we all know, the system of law construction cannot leave the legal education, certainly, when it comes to legal education,not to mention the legal education in the England, it is no exaggeration to say that the England law education development is good example for other countries. The ancients said: “stones from other hills may attack the jade”,then in the system of law is becoming more and more important today, we must be able to gain some wisdom from the history of the development of England legal education.The author on the basis of the collected numerous Chinese and foreign historical materials, hope that through history analysis method and process of the literature research of the legal education of the transformation and the two major transformation of major representative legal documents—Report of the legal education in 1846 and Report of the Committee on Legal Education carries on the analysis and research, at the same time, the social background on two typical legal documents and its influence were discussed.This paper mainly revolves around two major transformation of the representative legal documents--Report of the Legal Education in1846 and Report of the Committee on Legal Education in 1971, prior to the reform of the British social background as the starting point, which described the conflict prevailing socio-economic environment for the development and the traditional education system between law, it is the contradiction and many jurists of legal education reform attempt that prompted reform of legal education appeared in 1846. Legal education report recommends that the implementation of the division of labor and cooperation with the University and professional legal organizations,points out the way for the direction of future development of legal education in England.Due to the implementation of the reform, Many England’s universities and professionalorganizations to legal counsel, represented Hall together actively promoting legal education, the initial realization of the division of labor, and achieved good social effects.From late nineteenth Century to early twentieth Century, Although many universities have carried out reforms in legal education, the legal education of the England was mainly from the Inns of Court. At this time, the England legal education, although it has a strong professional, practical, strong practical ability, and so on, but the vision is narrow, the thought is closed. In order to solve this problem, after 1970 s, the England began a very difficult second major reform of legal education, 1971 Legal Education Report was born.The report is considered to be the foundation of modern British legal documents Legal Education, which marks the UK Higher Education Law achieved its second major restructuring. England legal education in the preservation of the traditional and constantly under reform, the final form of the new legal education system which we see now, and training a large number of outstanding legal talents to promote the continuous development of society.
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