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To Strengthen The Construction Of The County Party Committee Secretary Of The Team In The New Period Of Study(County)

Posted on:2018-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The construction of the county party committee secretary of the team,is our country economic development,social progress and solid foundation.As a local administrative region of the county,has a long history in our country,it originated in China established the qin dynasty of China.Although,in the development history of China's administrative division,but XianZhi remain today.Visible,"county" is the most stable level in Chinese administrative system.The county officials who lived in ages past selection and appointment of extremely.Contemporary China's party secretary is at the county level regime figures at the center of the collective leadership.Since the eighteenth congress,comrade Xi as the core of the CPC central committee attaches great importance to the construction of the county party committee secretary of the army.As the saying goes,"the sparrow is small all-sided," a county can be thought of as a relatively complete social.In the construction of socialism in the new period,the county level but also at present,the strategic position of strengthening the rev.Of county as the main leadership of the county level,the power and responsibility,especially in construction a well-off society in an all-round way,comprehensively deepen reform and comprehensive law,comprehensive governing party "comprehensive" four strategic layout plays an important role.How to strengthen the construction of the county party committee secretary team,perform his work mission,a county is one of the party building work's priorities and key links,it is of great significance.In this paper,after the founding of county(county)in Lin team building as an example,and analyzed our country the county party committee secretary of the position and function of the county(county)in Lin,secretary of the basic situation and experience in team building,party secretary team construction in China is analyzed on the results and the eXisting problems and reasons,this paperLin(county),the county party committee secretary team to strengthen the construction of the county party committee secretary of the team's revelation.
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