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The Research On The Incentive Mechanism Of Inner Mongolia Wengniute Township Officials

Posted on:2017-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512496574Subject:Public Administration
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"Motivation is the management of the soul", the image reveals the important status and role of motivation in the management, it can be said, in modern management, incentive directly determines the level of an organization’s management level. The incentive effect is so important, but by political, economic, cultural, historical and other factors, different occupation area, different areas, incentive problems facing different groups are not the same, that is to say we can generalize the classical incentive theory, is impossible to design a universal incentive mechanism. In addition, in a very long period of time, focus on personnel management our country is "to this",too much emphasis on the adaptability of the suppression of people’s initiative,less attention to human nature, especially from the angle of the system construction of the mental power development leads to insufficient attention,shock The current incentive mechanism in the use of personnel management in our country is still in the stage of constant exploration and perfection.Therefore, constructing an efficient incentive mechanism, applicable, must be closely combined with the local area, the characteristics of the industry, at the same time, adhere to the "people-oriented", the incentive target of a comprehensive, in-depth, detailed analysis, identify incentive factors, because of measures to improve the. efficiency and quality of work. For agriculture and animal husbandry in Wengniute Banner, is currently faced with poverty alleviation, the adjustment of industrial structure, the arduous task of building a new socialist countryside, in order to accomplish this goal, cannot do without the active participation of township civil servants, but also the need to strengthen the research on the incentive mechanism the township civil servants, stimulate the enthusiasm of township civil servants through more effective measures.On the content and structure, research article on the status of the civil service incentive mechanism at home and abroad were analyzed, in management theory and practice of the system on the basis of the existing,insufficient incentives for civil servants from the township Wengniute realistic background, by means of document analysis law, social surveys, quantitative and qualitative analysis method of combining the optimization path Wengniute township civil service incentive mechanism research. Through the questionnaire, summarized Wengniute Township Officials currently exist incentive concept is relatively backward, flawed incentive system, incentive methods failed to give full play to the three questions at the same time to run Wengniute Township Officials Incentive Mechanism and Present Situation into because it based on the integrated use of incentive theory, occupational characteristics closely Wengniute township civil service, a realistic, workable concrete measures,one to create a good incentive to ensure that environment,changes in incentives philosophy; the second is in line with the occupational characteristics of township civil service as a fundamental, innovative incentive system design; give full play to the role of incentive element as the goal, to improve incentives. Among them, the emphasis for the corresponding incentive system design exploration.With the development of rural economy and society, the state, the government will stimulate the enthusiasm of the Township Officials General business measures by richer and more diverse means, while research on this topic township civil service incentives will also be given more attention and support, I hope this can be for the personnel system reform of township Wengniute and even civil servants and cadres to improve incentives to contribute.
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