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Research On Government Management Function Of Ruyi Development Area In Hohhot

Posted on:2018-09-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J P ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330512499810Subject:Public Administration
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with the economic development zones in promoting regional economic growth,speed up the process of regional industrialization and urbanization,strengthen the role of regional industrial agglomeration effect gradually,number and size of construction of development zones in China has been rapidly improved in recent years,has become an important carrier of development of regional industrial and high-tech industries.But in the course of economic development zones in some areas,local government awareness of the economic development zone construction deviations,corresponding lack of administrative experience,blind desire development zone,the introduction of the number and size of the enterprise,and ignore development planning in these sectors so that blind competition within the development zone,redundant construction is difficult to achieve sustainable development,contrary to the original intention and the construction of development zones.In this context,based on Ruyi development zone in Hohhot,Inner Mongolia,for example,literature,comparative law,case law and positive law,for government research on basic theory of management development zone management issues,for the construction of development,development process,how to improve government management reference.Specific research is divided into four parts:The first part,through the Government-related theory and an overview of the system management functions,clear in the course of this study are based on the theoretical foundation for further perfecting the management of Ruyi development zone provides use of management theory,research data are available.The second part,we summarized the current situation of the development zone to perform management functions of Government,from the background of its establishment and functions of position,set the principle of effectiveness,function of the formation and development of the existing five aspects,to lay the Foundation for subsequent problems.The third part,Ruyi development zone management problems and causes in studying to clear management direction for improvement.Found in the study,so far appear fuzzy on the legal status of Ruyi development zone,administrative subject position eligibility is not clear;blurred the scope of management;insufficient authority;public services cannot meet the actual needs of four issues,and management problems arise mainly because of the administrative subject position of qualifications the lack of legal identification,management has not been made clear,functioning absence,public service management functions are missing.Part Iv as the focus of this paper,which requires a combination of government management theory to improve the Ruyi development zone management approaches and methods described,as a reference for Ruyi development zone management.I think we should enhance Ruyi development zone construction of rule of law,a clear development zone management functions,building a service-oriented three-tiered system of Government be improved.Research can be found through the system,Ruyi development zone construction of Hohhot,is in line with the regional industrial structure adjustment and optimization needs,local governments in the management of the process if the conscious application of relevant theory to improve government management of specific management actions and decisions can promote better development zone.
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