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Study On The Administrative Ethics Anomie Of Grass-roots Civil Servants In China

Posted on:2018-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512987797Subject:Administrative Management
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In this fast-growing,and constantly to the era of information technology,both China and other countries are faced with unprecedented changes and complex social transformation in the political,economic and other fields.In this context,it is imperative to establish a government to solve the problems arising from the transition period,this government must be responsible,efficient and clean.Therefore,the construction of service-oriented government for our country will be an important choice for people to happiness.In the service-oriented government,the administrative ethics level of civil servants directly affects its function.Especially the grassroots civil servants,their internal and external environment determines that they must serve the people directly,so their words and deeds affect the image of the government,in the event of administrative anomie,it will cause a series of problems.Therefore,it is of great significance to study the administrative ethics of grassroots civil servantsThis study first analyzes the current situation of administrative ethics anomie of grassroots civil servants in China,and analyzes the reasons of its administrative ethics.Then,based on the analysis of the causes of administrative ethics of grassroots civil servants,this paper puts forward relevant countermeasures and opinions on the basis of domestic and foreign experience,so as to broaden the thinking of administrative ethics construction of grassroots civil servants in China.The first part,the introduction.This paper first summarizes the background and significance of this paper,then summarizes the current research situation at home and abroad,then explains the relevant concepts and theories,and finally introduces the research methods and the innovation and deficiency of this paper.The second part,study on the current situation of the administrative ethics of the grassroots civil servants in our country,and summarize the performance of the specific anomie,and provide the realistic basis for the analysis of the causes.The third part analyzes the reasons about the anomie of administrative ethics of grassroots civil servants in China.This fourth part discusses the problem of administrative ethics anomie of grassroots civil servants in our country.Through the investigation of C city grassroots civil servants,summed up and analyze the specific phenomenon and reasona about administrative ethics anomie.The fifth part puts forward the countermeasure suggestion of the administrative ethics of grassroots civil servants in our country.This part mainly through the analysis,and then improve the proposed recommendations from different angles,so as to improve the level of grassroots civil service administrative ethics.
Keywords/Search Tags:grass-roots civil servants, administrative ethics, anomie, countermeasure, c city in hubei province
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