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Research On The Reform Of Government Institutions Based On Functional Transformation

Posted on:2018-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330515452279Subject:Administrative Management
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The reform of government institutions is not only an important part of the reform of the administrative system,but also an important measure to promote the construction of political civilization.Since the reform and opening up,our country has already carried out seven government institutions reform,and seven reform shows that the reform of institutional reform must be based on the transformation of functions,and the reform of institutions must be transformed at the same time.After seven reforms,the reform of government institutions in our country has achieved great results,but there are also no balance of government functions,and the government has been involved in economic and social affairs.The potential of the market and the society is not completely released.How to improve the government’s function through the reform of government institutions and give full play to the role of market and society is the direction of the reform of the government.Based on the reform and opening-up,the central government institutional reform is the research object,the theory of structure function,the theory of reform and the theory of the rule of law,and the theory of the rule of law.The reform of the seven institutions is based on the background,purpose,content,characteristics and results,and on this basis.This paper summarized the problems existing in the reform of the government in the reform of the institutions.Mainly:the law of regulating government functions is not sound;The government’s macro-control in the economy,micro intervention,and the decisive role of the market has not been played;The market has too much control and insufficient supervision;The public service of the government is weak and the service is not enough;Social management is single,the social organization is weak and so on.In response to the problems existing in the reform of government institutions,the article puts forward five measures to improve the legal system of law and the construction of the rule of law;Strengthen macro-control and reduce micro intervention and play the decisive role in resource allocation;Reduce the government’s control of the market and strengthen the market regulation;Promote the social service consciousness of the government and play the dominant position in the public service;Promote social management diversity,develop and support social organization development.In order to promote the reform of government institutions through the improvement of government functions.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Central Government, Institutional Reform, Functional Transformation
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