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Chinese Government Reform: The Institutional Reform Of The State Council As The Center

Posted on:2008-04-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360242973031Subject:Chinese government and politics
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Per 5 years there will be a government organizational reform to make it streamli ne and reduce extra staff in 1982,1988,1993,1998 and 2003.In all period,ea ch reform was requested both by intemal and external inevitabilities.Internal ine vitability means organizational function's changes and external inevitability means to be internationally.Organizational function's changes are request of marketing and to be international means Chinese history and experiences are facing to the i nternational standard.To carry out these changes,Chinese government adjusts go vernment's character,status and working styles etc.Under Chinese Socialism,the Communist Party of China plays the most importa nt role in decision making process.Core content of governmental management sy stem is decided by the Communist Party such as guidelines,objectives of the ref orm etc.According to the guidelines,objectives and directions made by Commu nist Party,the government arranges detailed content and measures of reform,nam ely,Communist Party decides principle of policies.Government decides technical way of operation.So different guidelines,directions and objectives caused differ ent results of governmental organizational reforms.Decisions of the Communist Party delivered to governments at different levels through official document and speeches of leaders.So to fully understand the government organizational reform, it first needs to research the guidelines,objectives and directions made by Com munist Party.Without fully understanding of Communist Party's policies,it is no any possibility to know the different reasons of different results.I will emphasi s on this in this paper.What will influence Communist Party's decision? Leaders will not ignore both the internal and external environments of reforms.Hence it will influence leade r's awareness and ideas.So before each reform,3 issues must be finished.They are thoughts revolution,leader's changes and new ideas produced.For instance, marketing request leaders learn knowledge of market and function of law needs leaders to learn law knowledge.The problem is how these come into being.Th is is very important.Hereby the internal logical linkage is motivation of reforms (background)---------》body(leaders)' s choices---------》results of re forms,namely,different background and awareness cause different resu lts.
Keywords/Search Tags:state council, institutional reform, functional transformation
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