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Studies On NaQu Area Government Institutional Reform From The Functional Transformation Perspective

Posted on:2013-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Z X SuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330374958392Subject:Public Management
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Reform of government institutions as an important component of Chinese political system reform in2008at the national officially began, the Tibet autonomous region of institutional reform than the mainland to the start time of a year later.Reform of government institutions is to deepen the reform of the economic system, promoting economic and social development urgent need, is our country national leadership system reform important content, is also closely linked with the broad masses of the people the government objective requirement.The first quarter of2009formally began a new round of Naqu area government reform is the perfectural Party committee, administrative office,17th National Congress and the seventeen session of the spirit of the second session and to implement the scientific outlook on development as an important work, is to accelerate the transformation of government functions, improve administrative efficiency, strict organization unit style construction, in many ways is first put forward, but also reflects the area development "with Chinese characteristics, the characteristics of the times, the characteristics of" the new requirements.This article is in the shift of the visual field and study of a new round of prefectural government institution reform.The institutional reform goal is to follow the development of the socialist market economy requirements, according to streamline, unity, efficiency principle, the transformation of government functions, establish a highly efficient, coordinated operation, standard administrative system, perfect civil servant system, the establishment of high-quality and professional administrative cadres.The key of reform is to adjust and cancel the direct economic management of the professional sector, strengthen macroscopical adjusting control and law enforcement supervision department.We want according to the compliance requirements, adjusting the department duty authority, clear division of responsibilities between the divisions, perfect administrative mechanism.All government institutions and their staff must implement state laws, regulations and policies.Leading cadres at all levels must the administration according to law, faithfully perform their duties, a diligent and honest, improve work efficiency.The prefectural government carried out a new round of institutional reform, is the Tibet autonomous region, the first to municipal Party committee, the government submitted to the government institutional restructuring plan, the first approved, the first organized by region.The reform of government institutions in administrative management theories under the guidance of, and the Autonomous Region Party committee, the government attaches great importance to perfectural Party committee, administrative office.30years of reform and opening up, that has already had5large government institutional reform since the reform and opening up, the area with the latest reform of government institutions, with several previous contrast, outstanding function change this axis.Combined with the author's work experience, especially the use of public management theories, a new round of Naqu area government reform process and reform the problem that may appear for analysis, research, and puts forward some feasible suggestions, comments, for subsequent autonomous region and the7region, the reform of government institutions to provide reference for the related, decision reference.
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