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Research On The Property Right Of The Rural Land Transfer In China

Posted on:2018-09-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330515967649Subject:Marxism in China
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The study on the property right of rural land is the key point in the research of land circulation in China.It is the foundation of our land reform.It's an effective way to solve land problems fundamentally.In the background of land circulation,to find out a clear property rights,clear responsibility,strict management,circulation flow,scientific and rigorous system of rural land property is of great significance to the implementation of rural collective ownership,to ensure farmers' interests and consolidate the ownership economy;has important significance for the stability of family contracted and expanded the status of farmer-s in the market;at the same time,which plays an important role in the construction of agricultural modernization in China.As a result,research on the rights of rural land around the current rural land to improve the existing rural land system is a breakthrough.For the land to have a new life,it has significant implications for the country's land reform and the rural economy.This article is focused on the status quo of rural land in China,to keep farmers interest in the red line and base point of the article.The depth of the country's ownership of rural land,the rights of rural land,and the power of rural land transfer rights in rural areas.Explaining the cause of the problem,it finally proposed proposals for reform of rural land rights reform.There are many rights issues in rural land.As rural land flows further,the problems produced during the transfer process have raised the extent of land transfer.This article uses Marxist land rights ideas and the understanding of property rights on the basis of Marxist land.To dissect the flaws and adversity of our current land rights system.The point is,in the land of ownership,the vague nature of the subject,the lack of clarity,disability and disability.The flaw has hampered the transfer of land,which has revealed the unreasonable mechanism of the property rights constraints regime.Second,the lack of instability in rural land and the lack of political legitimacy mechanisms affect the efficiency of land operations.In order to prevent the scale of the land scale,the rights of the land willnot be protected and implemented.Family contracting rights have been affected by the transfer of land transfer rights,which have made land resources and reasonable use and effective configurations.The path analysis of rural land rights reform.First,the rural collective property rights system.It continues to stick to collective land and strengthen the innovation system.Second,the health of rural property rights laws.To improve rural property rights laws,the rights of rural farmers.Finally,optimizing the country's property rights management system.Actively nurturing rural property rights markets,strengthening the coverage of social security coverage and the dynamics of registered residence systems.In the minds of the 18 th congress,the ‘three bottom line' is not wavering,and one on the drive to drive rural land faster.On the other hand,strict rules on rural land transfer order.
Keywords/Search Tags:land transfer, land ownership, land ownership system reform
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