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Research On Deliberative Democracy Practices In Rural Governance

Posted on:2018-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518465525Subject:Political Theory
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Democracy is the common pursuit of mankind.In the process of modernization,democracy is actually very differential.Based on its actual development,every successfully-constructed democracy explores different perspectives,courses and ways of implementation in the pursuit of democracy and then presents rich and colorful forms of democratic practices.Although China has a 5,000-year history of civilization,its modern democratic practices have developed for merely over a hundred years.Nevertheless,it is the 5,000-year history of civilization that laid the foundation for the profound Chinese history,society and culture and gave rise to “Deliberative Democracy”,an important democratic form with Chinese characteristics,by Chinese Community Party and the people in the long-term exploration and practices.China has its own choices and road for democratic development.In the 1990 s,the establishment of socialist market economy brought continuous economic growth and a profound reform of social structure.In this period,the inevitable emergency of a series of new social problems led to a new wave of political participation.In January2015,the Central Committee of the CPC issued “Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Socialist Deliberative Democracy”,the first time that the CPC had ever issued a document themed at deliberative democracy.Therefore,it could be seen that it is of great practical significance to do well in grass-root deliberation,promote social harmony and stability,develop grass-root democracy,promote grass-root social management ability and consolidate and expand the Party's mass base.It is also on this significance that the creation of this thesis was based.In addition to the introduction,this thesis consists of three chapters.The firstchapter mainly expounded theoretical problems,including the background,concept and basic elements of the deliberative democracy theory.Then based on the current status of rural society in China,it discussed the necessary foundation and feasible conditions for implementing deliberative democracy in rural governance.By making a case study of field research,the second chapter explicitly introduced the mechanism of “proposition-vote-announcement-supervision” approach of Liuwan Village,Ledu District and summarized the effects and existing problems of deliberative practices in rural governance and the causes of these problems.By adopting the“specific-to-general” method and combining with the conclusions drawn from the previous chapter,the third chapter put forward some rational thoughts on furthering the road to deliberative democracy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural governance, Deliberative democracy, Liuwan village
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