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A Study About The Pattern Of Deliberative Democracy In Rural Governance

Posted on:2019-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y QianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330548952386Subject:Political Theory
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The theory of Deliberative Democracy has attracted much attention since its birth,and it has become an important part of the construction of democratic politics at home and abroad.In China,with the goal of effectively deepening the reform,democratically consultation in grass-roots governance generally becomes a consensus,whether in the community or rural,deliberative democracy has become an important tool as a way to express public opinion and make scientific decision.Zhejiang province is regarded as the forefront to implement the grass-roots Deliberative Democracy,and a series of new deliberatively democratic models have been formed in the long term practice."The Democratic Procedure in Xialv" which happens in Zhejiang Shaoxing Keqiao district,is a very typical case.It provides a new idea to realize scientific decision-making and resolve social contradictions in countryside.During a period of time,"the Democratic Procedure in Xialv" has gained great praise and became one of the samples for the development of democracy at the grass-roots level in China.However,with the development of society,"the Democratic Procedure in Xialv",just like most other institutions,has become a "past glory",which is regretful.Therefore,the author selects "the Democratic Procedure in Xialv"as a sample to analyze the operation of this mechanism and the value of deliberative democracy in rural governance as well as the difficulties and solutions which would be encountered in development and promotion.The full text is divided into seven chapters:The first chapter is the introduction.The author introduces the general situation of Deliberative Democracy from the background of the topic,the significance of the research and the current research status at home and abroad.The second chapter is a summary of the theory.In this chapter the author firstly makes a systematic and detailed discussion on the theory of Deliberative Democracy from the origin,connotation,characteristics and value of deliberative democracy,and then sort out the development process of rural governance in order to introduce the deliberative democracy in rural governance.The third chapter is about the necessity of democracy in rural governance.In this chapter,the author focuses on the necessity of grass-roots democracy construction,the difficulties faced by the rural grassroots democracy as well as the requirements of China's current national governance system and governance capacity modernization,and then the author tells readers why we need democracy in rural governance.The fourth chapter is about the significance of consultation democracy in rural governance.In this chapter the author elaborates on the significance of deliberative democracy in rural practice from the perspective of reflecting traditional culture,improving the quality of decision-making,promoting rural integration,maintaining rural stability and realizing rural political civilization.The fifth chapter is the case analysis.In this chapter,the author focuses on the background,operation mode and implementation effect of "the Democratic Procedure in Xialv",so as to find out the key elements in "the Democratic Procedure in Xialv" and realize the further promotion on a large scale.The sixth chapter is about the promotion of "the Democratic Procedure in Xialv" and the possible difficulties in promotion."The Democratic Procedure in Xialv" has value and possibility to spread,but at the same time it is not running smoothly.In recent years,"the Democratic Procedure in Xialv" appeared to decline,whether in effect or in the research.In this chapter,the author firstly holds a positive opinion in promoting "the Democratic Procedure in Xialv",and then analyzes the reasons and the countermeasures to fading.The seventh chapter is expectation.In this chapter,the author puts forward a new expectation for Deliberative Democracy-whether Deliberative Democracy can transcend the limitations of the grass-roots level or surpass the category of local affairs.This will be a new perspective,and it may also be the new direction of deliberative democracy.
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