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Study On Regulation Of Rural Public Service Charges Of Henan Province

Posted on:2018-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518465683Subject:Public Administration
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The "Three rural issues" is China’s reform,development,stable foundation,has become a stage of our party and the country needs to solve the primary problem.To strengthen the agricultural prices and fees and standards of management,fundamentally to protect the interests of farmers,important task to maintain the stable development of rural public services and public goods.The effect and intensity and policies are closely related,is an important manifestation of the functions of the government.Over the years,the CPC Central Committee,the State Council issued strict control,involving charges of public services in rural areas related to effective suppression and various departments and places also take effective action to take fees.Progress has been made.But at present in the management fees in agriculture there are still some problems,the main charges act in reduced,but more subtle means;in a variety of formal names,such as the penalty collection,with tax collection and so on.Therefore,governance relates to charges of public services in rural areas is a long-term work of agriculture to explore scientific methods,management of the "three rural" charges to the combination of theory and reality in,so as to create a good atmosphere and environment for agriculture sustainable development.The main research methods used in this paper are: field interviews,questionnaire survey method,literature analysis method and experience aims to created long-term mechanism for regulate casual charge for farmers in the grass-roots public services sector.Firstly,the paper have described the current situation,the charging agent,means and method and the social impact of the casual charging behavior in the grass-roots public services sector,includes the basic information and current situation,the main part,the basic means and methods and the negative social impact of the casual charge.Through clear up the institutional reform of regulation,from the three levels about the main body,the tool and the machining of regulation.Comparing the different casual charge for farmers between the system text and the truth practice in the grass-roots public services sector.From research,have many problems with regulation,the main effect performance is not good,cure the symptoms,got to “the regulation of itself is the originator of the casual charge.”The regulation just often used to check and stop the casual charge behavior,not to solution the lack about the main branch of financial resources in the fundamental.Key points in both theregulation system of practice is to dare not to collect fees in disorder subject,but no response to the "why",and the root of "how to legalize chaos" two big problems.Henan agricultural chaos behavior regulation of public service at the grass-roots level from the aspects of mechanism and system to improve and solve,must understand the "why" and "how to" two big issues,this is the basic foundation of regulation innovation.Thesis in the perspective of "legal",from the disguised rationalization,program formalization,similar to the legalization of three levels: answer the above two questions.Paper argues to construct the basic public services,the mechanism of agricultural chaos behavior regulation must adjust the regulation policy concerns and focus,change "subject fear,dare not to collect fees in disorder" as the "main body will not,do not need to collect fees in disorder," to establish and improve the mechanism for ensuring adequate funding for basic public service,establish agricultural charge listing system,improve the agricultural charge supervision mechanism,fundamentally solve the problem of basic public services department of agriculture to collect fees in disorder.
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