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The Research On Risk Assessment Of Social Stability Of Hydraulic Engineering Based On FAHP And Entropy Weight

Posted on:2018-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518483968Subject:Structure engineering
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Our country is in a period of great social change.With the rapid development of society and the deepening of reform and opening-up,various structural contradictions have become increasingly prominent,and the significant adjustment of interest differentiation,further increase the economic system and social structure and ideas of the people of the great changes,the social instability factors continue to increase,the party and the government pay more attention to social security and stability,social stability risk assessment major fixed assets investment projects nationwide rapid expansion.Water conservancy project involves a wide range of problems facing the complex and high technical difficulty,the project can easily lead to social stability problems in land acquisition,resettlement compensation,environmental impact,so the social stability risk evaluation of water conservancy project is to maintain social stability in the practical requirements,to resolve social conflicts,has very important significance to protect and promote the economic and social development.In order to better evaluate the social stability risk of water conservancy project,this article from the theoretical concept of water conservancy project social stability risk assessment,principle,process and evaluation index,establishes the evaluation index system of water conservancy project social stability risk.At the same time,the method of determining the index weight in the process of risk evaluation is analyzed.The AHP method is optimized to form the FAHP method,and the fuzzy complementary matrix is transformed into a fuzzy consistent matrix.Subjective weights are determined by using FAHP method,the objective weight is determined by entropy method,and on the basis of traditional FAHP and entropy combination method,using the entropy method,modified FAHP method and FAHP method to limit entropy method of two methods of determining the weights of the new.Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model for social stability risk of water conservancy project based on fuzzy mathematics theory.Taking a water conservancy project for the case calculation,comparative analysis of the FAHP method,entropy method and other three kinds of comprehensive weighting method,the measures and suggestions to guard against the risk of this project,to verify the evaluation model is practical and operable,in order to provide some guidance for water conservancy project social stability risk assessment practice and reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:FAHP, Entropy weight, Fuzzy mathematics, Hydraulic engineering, Social stability, Risk evaluation
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