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Discussion On The Construction Of Service Oriented Government In Villages And Towns

Posted on:2018-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518488209Subject:Marxist theory
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XI,General Secretary of the party’s 18 big session pointed out: in the process of modernization of China’s governance and management systems,we must insist on the construction of service-type Government and strengthen social management and social management with service mentality,strengthen service functions of the Government,improve the quality of public services,will build a service-oriented Government as an important part of political reform in China.Service is Government for the people,building a service-oriented Government has become the economic and social development of requirements,in order to promote political restructuring the demand and requirement of the new rural construction.Firstly introduced the meaning of service-oriented Government.This section mainly discusses the definition of service-type Government and relevant content,building a service-oriented Government evidence,principles of constructing service-oriented Government.Secondly,it analyzes the current Township grass-roots governments running.This section discussed mainly from the following three aspects: grass-roots building a service-oriented Government in villages and towns of effectiveness,grass-roots construction of service-type Government in villages and towns issues,gaps in grass-roots building service-type Government in villages and towns.Third,analysis of the rural government structure.Starting from the basic structure and basic functions of the township government,further analysis of the organizational structure of township government and services capabilities,and points out some problems.Finally,discusses the necessity of township government to service transformation.Township government to service transformation is the comprehensive construction well-off society needs,promoting political reform needs,to meet the development requirements,the requirements of economic globalization.Finally,the basic idea of constructing service-oriented Government in villages and towns.To build a service-oriented Government in villages and towns from "control" to "service type" shift clear transformation of township government functions in the right direction,promoting the system innovation of the township government to ensure high efficiency of public service provision.Also within legal premise,scientifically the transformation of government functions,it isnecessary to ensure the efficient operation of township government,to enhance service awareness,innovation and service,improving service.
Keywords/Search Tags:Township grass-roots Governments, service-oriented Government, government functions and public services
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