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The Reform Of Township Institutions And Innovation Research Under The Target Of Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2014-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401957728Subject:Administrative Management
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Institutional reform is an important breakthrough in reform of our country economicsystem and political system reform. Service-oriented government is the goal anddirection of the reform of the administrative system at present and in a period of ourcountry, it is also the goal and direction of institutional reform. According to "furtherpromote separation, politics endowment apart, separating the functions of government,separation of government and society, construction function, science, structuraloptimization, clean and efficient, people’s satisfaction with the service typegovernment" the objectives and requirements, it is an important task for thegovernment to promote the construction of township government reformcomprehensively. The rural development and the reform of the administrative systemas the background, from Guangxi Tianyang "a run of three center" reform andinnovation of practice, rural research is to build a service-oriented government as thegoal oriented mechanism reform, explore the feasibility to reform leather towninstitutions with "integration thought of big department system" in the idea of. Thispaper mainly focus on the following questions: one is the construction ofservice-oriented government puts forward new requirements to the reform oftownship institutions. Two in the rural development and the reform of theadministrative system in the background, how to solve the existing problems in thereform of township institutions and explore the reform mode of operation. Three is thereform of township institutions success requires institutional arrangements to promotewhat supporting. This paper expounds the reform of township institutions andrelationships between building a service-oriented government, the "super-ministries"integration concept reform of township institutions theory and reality basis, putforward the countermeasure and suggestion of deepening the reform of townshipinstitutions in the service-oriented government requirements under the.This paper is divided into five parts. The first chapter is the introduction, thebackground and significance of this paper briefly reviewed in this paper, and therelated literature, the research methods and ideas of this paper. The second chapter isthe concepts and basic theories related to the reform of township institutions under theservice government. Mainly on the new public management theory, new publicservice theory and governance theory in the application.The third chapter is the maineffect of township institution reform and difficulties. Since the establishment of theearly major difficulties of the main achievements in the reform of township institutions since the township regime and stage and the reason of the reform oftownship institutions in trouble. The fourth chapter is An empirical study of theGuangxi Tianyang County township institution reform. Analysis the reform oftownship institutions of Tianyang "a run of three centers" reform and the significanceto the reform of township institutions. The fifth chapter is countermeasures to deepenthe reform of township institutions under the request of service type government.Several aspects of this chapter the basic law, from the reform of township institutions,the service function of motivation and conditions to study the specificcountermeasures of deepening the reform of township institutions.The main conclusions of this paper lies in: first, the general rule of townshipinstitution reform should follow the organization reform, that is to carry out accordingto the changing functions, straightening out relations, adjusting mechanism, processoptimization, the legalization of administrative organization order. Second, to furtherclarify the service functions of township government. The township government mustchange from "control" to "service", then to implement the social management, publicservice supply, promote the specific functions of the democratic construction at thebasic level. Third, strengthen the reform of township institutions the motivation andconditions. External power including economy, politics, civil society, including thechange of inner power, personnel ideas; conditions including the security system,reform of township institutions, especially the deepening reform to phasesynchronization and the development direction of township autonomy. Fourth,strengthen the reform of township institutions relative institutional innovation. Mainlyto strengthen the innovation of relevant personnel, including personnel innovation,system innovation system reform allocation mechanism and perfecting rural socialsecurity system.
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