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Building Service-oriented Grassroots Governments

Posted on:2011-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360302999769Subject:Foreign political system
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At present, the construction of public service-oriented government, for our country, have important practical significance, both to strengthen the Government's own reform and construction needs, but also building a socialist harmonious society, a necessary requirement. In building a system of public service-oriented government, and enhance the building of rural service-oriented government is particularly important. Because theO township government is a government system of the grass-roots organizations, and the economy, social affairs has the most direct contact with the people in direct contact, good or bad quality of its services directly reflects the nature of the construction of our government services good or bad.This paper selected Xizhou Town, Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province as a case study, examine and explore the township transformation of government functions and public service-oriented government construction. First introduced the basic situation of the town of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Western Zhou Dynasty reviewed the history of the town of transformation of government functions, and then analyzes the Western Zhou Dynasty town government in building a public service-oriented government on specific practices, including:1,change the work style of cadres to strengthen the effectiveness of construction; 2 to build new public service platform, establish and improve the convenience service system; 3 to the new rural construction as an opportunity to strengthen the infrastructure construction; 4, the township government in the reconstruction of public services such as the role of culture and education; 5,improving the social security system, enhancing its employment services and management; 6 to raise the level of service for farmers, improve agricultural socialized service system; 7 to promote sustainable development, strengthening environmental protection.Then elaborated on the Western Zhou Dynasty town government in the public service-type government construction problems, to address these issues, the following policy recommendations:1,local governments should be in the public service delivery in the shoulder the primary responsibility.2,establish a "people-oriented" concept of governance, implement the scientific concept of development.3, construction of high-quality civil service is the key to the building of service-oriented government.4, deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval system is to build service-oriented government an important measure.5,the establishment of administrative service center is to achieve service-oriented government targets an important way.6, the development of e-government is to achieve an important means of service-oriented government.7,to promote the socialization of public services is to achieve service-oriented government targets an effective way.
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