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Research On The Performance Evaluation Of Local Government Under The Background Of New Economy

Posted on:2018-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518965698Subject:Public Administration
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Beginning in 2012,with Chinas economic slowdown,the development of the new normal.Performance appraisal is one of the main means of local government governance in our country,plays an irreplaceable role in the economic and social development,we begin to think about the reform of performance appraisal,assessment to explore optimization under the new economic norm,in order to adapt to the changing economic situation.The local government performance evaluation as the research object,a total sample of more than 3000 articles,the longitudinal combs the current practice of local government performance evaluation,and performance evaluation system of Lianyungang horizontal comparative analysis,attempts to construct a more reasonable and more comprehensive assessment methods.This paper starts from the concept of performance appraisal and goal of management theory at home and abroad and the research background are described,after repeated research,found the new economic norm of Lianyungang city assessment work and the impact of all can find the corresponding theoretical basis,it also provides a theoretical basis for the construction of the new evaluation system.In order to cope with the impact of new economic norm,Lianyungang actively explore in the performance appraisal,has made the reform practice in the foundation to ensure the overall framework unchanged,combined with the development characteristics of counties and departments,which focuses on assessment of difference.At present,Lianyungang basic appraisal system construction follow three principles: one is stable,small adjustment reflects differences in overall stability;two is the focus,strengthen guidance,the focus of the annual work outstanding municipal government;the three is to simplify the assessment,set up scientific and reasonable.Evaluation is divided into five parts: the main development indicators,quality and efficiency indicators,key industrial projects,special work,plus or minus points,the basic score is 100 points.The main indicators of development is to promote economic development,and to embody the guidance,the unit GDP energy consumption decline rate,proportion of R&D are included in the evaluation index in the latest development;according to the characteristics of each county,a special index set respectively in addition and subtraction,encourage each county based on theregional advantages,to explore their own the characteristics of the reform,to guide the development of regional innovation.This paper in detail,and the specific case analysis,points out the problems and shortcomings,and puts forward some suggestions on optimization path of government performance appraisal methods,including perfecting relevant laws and regulations,optimize the evaluation organization system.With the deepening and advancing the supply side in 13 th Five-Year "plan of structural reform,the new economic norm has become an important feature and the stage of Chinas economic and social development,from practice to theory of repeated demonstration,the author thinks that the reform of local government performance evaluation will become a trend,a trend so,in order to maintain the vitality in the new situation,in order to provide guidance for the day-to-day work of the government,and has become one of the important ways of social governance.
Keywords/Search Tags:New economic normality, performance appraisal, Target management
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