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Research On The Interaction Between Social Organizations And Government From The Perspective Of Resource Dependence

Posted on:2018-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518979331Subject:Social Work
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In urban and rural dual system,the lack of education resources in rural areas has brought serious problems of educational inequity.The traditional means of achieving educational equity are government led,and social organizations are either hard to participate in,or dependent on the government.Both of them show a state of non-separation of resources.By participating in the practice of rural preschool education project in Q institutions,the author analyzes the role of Q institutions in allocating resources in the process.From the perspective of resource dependence,this paper analyzes how social organizations,as an important subject,interact with the government and other subjects(universities,foundations,enterprises,etc.)and participate in the practice of educational equity.The key presents the dynamic process of social organization and the government resources cooperation,conflict,adjustment and development,the interactive process is not necessarily completely according to the linear development,mutual dependence,mutual dilemma and strategic development intertwined in the whole process of interaction.In this paper,through the analysis of the practice of Q institutions involved in rural education,that the social organization and the government of resource interdependence is the prerequisite for cooperation,but because the key resources more,resulting in the relationship between the two sides have non symmetry dependence.While social organizations can take positive action strategies,improve their resource conflicts,maintain the dynamic balance between the two sides,resource interaction between social organizations and government departments,not only can provide the experience for the cooperation mode,can also explore different paths of social organization and rural preschool education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Resources Dependence, Social Organization, government, Interaction
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