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The Change Of The Interaction Between The Social Organization With Enterprise Background And The Government From The Perspective Of Resource Dependence

Posted on:2019-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330548462443Subject:Social management and social policy
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At present,countries strive to promote the diversification of social governance,encourage varieties of resources to participate in society.Social organizations become an important social governance force besides the government and the enterprises.The establishment of social organization is no longer simply relied on individuals or the government.The birth background tends to be complex.The research object of this article is social organizations under enterprise background.It is guided and encouraged by the government,independent of the government and closely linked to the market.It takes advantage of the commercialization means of the for-profit organization to undertake the specific work of the transformation of the government functions.It is a social organization funded by the enterprise and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in accordance with the law.However,based on the existing study,there isnít sufficient research on social organization under enterprise background.They lack the research of "dynamic" relationship between social organizations under enterprise background and government in different stages of development.This research mainly adopts qualitative research methods,based on field investigation of a case from W institution with the aid of resource dependence theory.According to the resources requirement of W institution development,as the main line,the study constructs the analytical framework and explore the special social background of W institution in different stages of its development and the dynamic evolution of A district government interaction further to rich local social organization and the government interaction research issues.Under the effect of various pushing forces such as the aging of the population,the mismatch between the supply and demand of the aged services,the launching of many preferential policies of the country,the study find that W institution and A district government during the preparatory and the initial period have reached a consensus which is based on the goal of meeting the demand of the social pension.In the early period,because the development of organization lacks administrative resources,a high intensity dependency system is established with the A district government.Due to the control of the administrative resources in A District,the rationality of the enterprise "economic man" is activated.It adopts the method of accumulating strategy to organize and develop the species and total amount.Thus,W institutions reduce the attachment to A district government on administrative resource,but it caused a surge of contradictions between the two sides.With the development of new social endowment challenges,the W organization,which holds the concept of independent development,should organize resources to deal with the new features of the pension.It improves the organizationís overall strength,and further consolidate the cooperative relations between the government and the society,thus obtaining the support of the sustainable administrative resources of the A district government,and shaping the cooperation and win-win relationship between the two sides.The findings of this study,the demand of W institutions for resources and the total volume in different stages of development are important factors in the dynamic change of bilateral relations.Based on the resource dependence theory,the trend of the two relations is:from the contradiction between the attachment of lacking resources and the accumulation of developing resourcesí species and total quantity,and then to the win-win cooperation under the relatively abundant resources.At the same time,by combing the prominent characteristics of the relationship between the "top-down" and "bottom-up" social organizations and the government,this study compares the relationship between the W institution and the A district government,and further demonstrates the irreplaceable role of the social organization with enterprise background in the social governance,and then explore how its positive interaction with the government influences on the governance and development of Chinaís social public sphere.
Keywords/Search Tags:Resource Dependency Perspective, Social Organizations, Interaction, Change
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