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Government Hatching Social Organization In The Process Of Social Interaction

Posted on:2016-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330482460097Subject:Public administration
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Our country is in the transition period of social relations, social organizations gradually the importance of government and community attention. However, because in the past political and social relations, due to the social forces in a weak position, not only rely on its own strength to obtain ideal pace of development, which requires the government invested time and resources to help the development of social organizations.In the development of modern social organization, the theory of social organization is gradually mature and is introduced into China, and then the main participants of the business incubator are the large number of government departments.As in recent years, the interaction of government and reform deeply and related theory for the government of social organization hatch provides theoretical basis, status of incubator mode and civil society organizations match provided the realistic foundation for the government to incubate social organization, incubators continues to mature and function is increasingly perfect provide material guarantee for government to incubate social organization. At the same time, status in social relations of incubator system mechanism, interaction between the government and the society to the government of social organization hatch brought many deep-seated influences. In the society, the lack of political participation consciousness and the lack of participation in governance capacity make it difficult to carry out effective checks and balances to government power. In the government, although there are some initial "limited power" and "separation of powers" consciousness, it is the first part of the "expanding power" to help social forces grow up to support the functions of government transfer. Therefore, the lack of clear boundaries of responsibilities and effective control also makes government departments in the specific work is prone to cross-border powers, and affect the independence of the social organization.In order to avoid the emergence of similar situations, and better support the development of social organizations, we can promote social forces through the political participation consciousness, and in the form of a "list" to limit the boundaries of government power in two ways to promote the government and social organizations in the work of government and social interaction. At the same time, we also need to improve the system of social organization of the government, the construction of the government to establish a diversified development model of social organization, and constantly explore the government’s third party assessment and social organization of social assessment and supervision system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social organization incubators, Government incubation, The political and social relations, Benign interaction
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